Keep Active and Get Creative

Keep Active and Get Creative
Food for Thought with the Newest Addition to the Landis Family

By: Jimin Lee
I have a daily routine of waking up, going to work, working out and unwinding before I sleep and repeat – it’s like clockwork. While it’s great to have a healthy habit that works, life can get monotonous.
One thing that’s been keeping me upbeat and fulfilled is my passion to self-improve. It might be my millennial understanding of life, but it’s something I acknowledge as important to me. It helps me keep my thinking cap on outside of work.
The best way I have found to be effective is attending lectures and events that feature leaders from all over the world. At least twice a month, I try to discover an event full of new faces and listen in on different topics, from excavating artifacts in Saudi Arabia, to lifehacks for the quarter-life crisis and to the next app in healthcare. Whatever it might be, I try to keep my eyes and ears open for talks that inspire me to be a cosmopolitan, cognizant and empathetic human being. (So far, I’ve been able to meet humanitarian Jane Goodall and UN Millennium Project director Jeffrey Sachs!)  By doing so, I learn about sensitive issues and cutting-edge topics with an understanding that benefits me personally and professionally. Firstly, I’m learning and constantly improving. Secondly, I get to network with attendees and lecturers that inspire me. In San Francisco, there are so many free and affordable events that it’s hard to miss a great opportunity to take part at least once a week.
At any stage and level of a profession, it’s helpful to get yourself out there and be active… in just about anything! We all have our differences, but getting creative in the way we find inspiration and organize our lives can have a huge impact in the way we develop and grow.
At LCI, being active is a culture that’s encouraged – in our own definitions of course. Our senior members attend many art and entertainment shows, our staff members love exploring the Bay Area and as for the rest, we have other things keeping us active and connected to the world – #DubNation anyone?
In bite-sized pieces in our hectic lives, finding activities that are personally meaningful can often end benefitting us professionally without even knowing it.
What self-improvement techniques work best for you? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below or shoot us an email at [email protected].

4 thoughts on “Keep Active and Get Creative

  1. Jimin, welcome to the LCI team! One of the reasons we hired you – and what we look for in general when hiring – is that we want team members who are well rounded. That’s obviously a central tenet of your blog post and ultimately makes for a smart, engaged and productive employee. Cheers, David

  2. Hi Jimin,
    Welcome to the LCI team – we’re so happy you’re here! I see lots of networking together with you in our future. 🙂
    David C.

  3. Great post, Jimin. I agree with your comments about staying mentally and physically active. Photography is a passion of mine, and I’m always trying to go to new places for a chance to work on my hobby. As a PR person I think it’s vitally important to go out an experience life. As you mentioned, it keeps you both sharp and creative.

  4. Great blog Jimin! There’s a famous saying ‘Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ I also believe that when you’re passionate about something it makes learning so much fun – I’ll be coming to you for self-improvement tips!

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