It’s the economy, stupid. . .

David Landis (or Dave, call me what you want) here with our first installment of Backtalk, LCI’s behind-the-scenes look at all things newsy, juicy, happening and whatnot. . . we’ll be blogging on a weekly basis (if not more) and welcome your thoughts, comments, praise and critiques.

So here’s my rumination for the day:

It’s the economy, stupid. . .is that good or bad for PR?

The presidential candidates offer us their platitudes, Congress and Bush sign a meager “economic stimulus package” into law and economic pundits keep talking gloom and doom, predicting everything from “we haven’t seen the half of it yet,” to “just wait until those adjustable mortgages re-adjust this summer.”

What’s a PR person to do?


Perhaps I’m just a “glass is half-full” kind of PR guy, but now more than ever is the time for PR. Those businesses that invest in PR – as proven back in 2000/2001, will sustain and grow. Those that don’t invest, will lose.

And what does that mean for PR practitioners? I believe it means we’re going to see some shrinkage in certain sectors, but the outside consultants and agencies who have a niche and expertise will be able to offer counsel that is sound and valued. And smart businesses will heed that advice.

Will that translate to budgets? Only if we as PR practitioners can continue to validate return on investment for clients’ PR dollars. Those that can, will succeed.

My two cents for the day.

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And now, for something different – and fun:

Backtalk’s Top Twelve San Francisco list:

Our completely arbitrary list of things we love about the Bay Area:

  1. Yoshi’s San Francisco – – great food, great jazz; sophisticated and cool, man
  2. Susie Biehler’s photography:
  3. San Francisco Ballet – celebrating its 75th anniversary (our client) – see pirouettes like you’ve never seen them before:
  4. Water bar restaurant in San Francisco – yum, and what a view:
  5. Numi Tea – – available at Whole Foods Market ( and Elephant Pharm (
  6. It’s the anniversary of the groundbreaking same sex marriages in San Francisco – go, Gavin!
  7. Leah Garchik – reading her columns is like a daily dose of magical elixirs: – get her new book, Real Life Romance, available at Chronicle Bookstore, 1846 Union St. or at
  8. Moody’s Bistro, Truckee (after a great day of skiing) –
  9. Save-the-Redwoods League (our client) – celebrating its 90th anniversary: – go visit a redwood live and in person at Muir Woods:
  10. In Treatment – on HBO – curl up with your dog or your honey and watch it every night:
  11. Dog walks at Crissy Field – just ask Shasta & Whitney
  12. Our “undiscovered gem”: Claudia Juestel,, designer extraordinaire

12 thoughts on “It’s the economy, stupid. . .

  1. David, congratulations on your blog! My comment here skips up to your first entry on the economy.

    In addition to your points, I suggest that we in the PR agency business must also validate the efficacy of investing in PR and communications in a bear economy.

    While our arguments are logical, these budgets easy to slash, and veery tempting when the pressure is on in an organization.

    From the client viewpoint, fewer consumers, businesses and institutional customers will be buying.

    The challenge we face is to make a strong benfit-cost case for the efficacy of PR and marcom in tough times.

    Do you know if there is a document that does this? Also, are you awarw of any studiess or reports that validate the effect of 2000-01 imvestments in PR?

  2. Hi David,
    you are again an inspiration. I also have thought by myself to generate a blog on my PR agency website but “it´s the time, stupid!”. Congratulations that nevertheless you have found the energy to run it. See you soon in Paris, my friend. Uwe

  3. Congrats on your blog, Dave! Your top 12 make me want to hop on the next flight and visit you and Sean. You have to visit D.C. so we can show your our top 12 (National Gallery of Art, anyone?).

  4. Rita:

    Thanks for visiting. Hey everyone, read Rita Rubin almost daily in USA Today:

    And see you in DC soon I hope – and the National Gallery of Art is at the top of the list, along with the Holocaust Musuem!

    Cheers, David

  5. Hi David,

    Congratulations on your fab blog, and thanks for including me in your 12 favorites. I am honored to be listed with the San Francisco Ballet, Yoshi’s and Leah Garchik. I have got to try that Numi tea.



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