Introducing Robin Carr

Rounding off the intros to our trio of new arrivals, it’s San Francisco’s best connected PR professional (and LCI’s new ‘sports chick’ in residence), Robin Carr.

  1. What did you do before PR? – I’ve been doing PR since I graduated from San Jose State University. Before that, I did singing telegrams. I was available for parties, corporate events, airport greetings – you name it!
  2. Why did you choose to enter PR? – I was originally a theatre arts major in college but switched to PR when my parents insisted that I get over myself and get this “drama thing” out of my head. With apologies to my SJSU professors, I chose PR as my new major because it sounded cool. When I went to orientation, I was excited to find out that it involved many areas I enjoyed, including event planning, writing and speaking—all things I loved to do. Plus, PR does have its dramatic moments.
  3. What’s your “must visit” spot in San Francisco? – I’m going to plug the neighborhood where I live – North Beach. Start your day with breakfast at Pat’s Café; then walk down Columbus Ave. until you get to Café Zoetrope, where you can enjoy a tasting of Francis Ford Coppola’s wine. Then stroll back up Columbus – a very European street—and you’ll find cool little bars and cafés, pizza places, lots of Italian restaurants – and more. A great way to spend the day! Here’s a recommendation with good food, a large patio and outdoor TV’s: Piazza Pellegrini. Big hangout during 49er games.
  4. What’s been your biggest PR “win”? – I’ve worked for some high-profile companies (Gap, Nike, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, the San Francisco Giants) and garnered a lot of consumer, business and sports press over the years. More recently was this past July, when I was able to get a health-tech wearable client mentioned (with a photo) in Marie Claire.
  5. How do you choose the best job candidates? – I love to network through various PR and media organizations, so I love to meet people organically at their events. I’m also a LinkedIn-aholic, so it’s always cool to connect with people who are on there with a well-written profile. Speaking of writing, communications pros should be pretty awesome writers. I also look for people who are enthusiastic, creative, professional, willing to work hard, and passionate about PR and all media. Oh—and fun!
  6. What’s your favorite food? – Pasta. Plenty of options in North Beach.
  7. Can you share any insights to your life outside work? – Foodie, travel, good wine, great friends. Trips to New York to see Broadway shows. Live comedy here in San Francisco at the Punch Line and Cobbs. I like to make time for fun and laughter!


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6 thoughts on “Introducing Robin Carr

  1. Robin, it’s great to have you here at LCI. As one of the “other” resident foodie/wine afficionados, we’ll have lots of notes to compare. Cheers, David

  2. Hi Robin, we’re so happy to have you on our team! I’m excited to hear more about your must-visit attractions in San Francisco. Even though I’ve lived here for more than two decades, I’m still learning about longtime institutions around town that I still haven’t visited.


  3. So happy to have you with us, Robin. I appreciate someone who’s willing to jump right in and roll up their sleeves. Plus, you literally know every media person. I think you and Brianne could rule the world with your combined rolodex.

  4. We’re so glad to have you on board, Robin! I love your energy. And I couldn’t agree more about communications professionals needing to be strong writers. That’s a #1 requirement for me (the Giants wouldn’t hire a player who can’t hit, right?)

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