Introducing PRGN Insiders

 AshleyBy Ashley Boarman, Landis Communications
Work smarter, not harder was the theme of a recent presentation I attended given by Peter Shankman, a media aficionado most widely known for creating the database Help A Reporter Out (HARO). One takeaway from his talk was that PR professionals aren’t using their connections in the most effective way.
For a group that stakes its reputation on having personal relationships with the media, Peter says we should be working together on a routine basis to figure out better in-roads to reporters. That got me thinking about how we can tap into our North American Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) to work smarter, since many of us already have solid relationships with regional, industry and national media. With that said, here’s an idea that I came up with, and I need your input to make it work.
Introducing PRGN Insiders.
What is it?
PRGN Insiders is an online community set up for members of the North American PRGN network to quickly gather feedback from one another about the media. As a closed group Facebook page, this set-up is designed to enable us to connect with fellow PRGN members who have worked with a particular journalist or outlet in the past and can share valuable insights, and possibly even make direct connections.
How it works.
First things first, please join the group. We’ve designated someone from each North American agency as a group moderator. This person can ensure that you’re invited to participate. Look out for an invitation this week.
If you’re reaching out. Write a few sentences about what journalist you’re reaching out to or what your needs are for a particular reporter/outlet. Feel free to share any research you’ve done, as that may help others form a frame of reference for how best to help you. And, don’t forget to give a deadline for when you need feedback.
Next steps.
Jump in and participate. If you see a query that you can comment on, please do so. Feel free to take your conversation off Facebook and onto email, or phone, if necessary, too.
The bottom line.
Sometimes it’s individuals outside your immediate network that end up offering the advice you need to propel your media relationships and client coverage to the next level. Let’s use this platform to engage with one another to make stronger, more meaningful industry connections
If you have ideas for how to improve PRGN Insiders, please comment below or shoot me an email at [email protected].

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  1. Ashley, what can I say, it’s ideas like this that make you destined to be a strong leader. Leveraging the PRGN network in a more day-to-day media relations capacity is a brilliant idea, especially since each member agency is more deeply connected to their own geographic location. Makes perfect sense to leverage that knowledge for one another. Great idea!

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