Introducing Craig MacLellan

Time to introduce another of our new arrivals here at LCI. Next up it’s
Scotland’s best export after Scotch Whisky, Craig MacLellan.

  1. What did you do before PR?  – PR is my first ‘proper’ job. I studied politics at Glasgow University, before pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Relations in Edinburgh; a city which I would end up calling home for six years, before moving to San Francisco in 2018.
  2. Why did you choose to enter PR?  – I’ve always been a media junkie, so a job in communications seemed like the obvious career path.
  3. What’s your “must visit” spot in San Francisco?  – I’m a relative newbie and still discovering the city for myself. When we have visitors in town, we like to cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge (and a perfect selfie spot), followed by lunch in Sausalito. As lunch is usually accompanied by a few beers, we take the ferry back.
  4. What’s been your biggest PR “win”? – I managed the campaign for the 50th birthday of the Forth Road Bridge, one of the world’s most significant long span suspension bridges. My favorite radio program in Scotland, “Get It On,” has a theme each evening with listeners calling and texting their song suggestions surrounding the theme. I worked with producers to have “bridges” as the theme on the day of the bridge’s birthday. To have one of your favorite clients be the star of one of your favorite shows is incredibly satisfying.
  5. How do you measure PR’s value? – Metrics depend on the needs and desired outcomes of the client. If they have a product to sell, the best indication of value is likely an increase in sales; something which is easier to measure in the digital age of blogging and influencer marketing. However, sales aren’t everything. Clients often seek to improve their reputation with a specific audience. Being able to tap into these key stakeholders, whether via a survey or one-on-one interviews, can offer insight into where you’ve gone right, or potentially wrong.
  6. How do you choose the best job candidates? – When recruiting, a strong skill base and level of experience are critical. However, I’ve always found it vital to hire the person who is the best fit for the company’s culture and way of working.
  7. What’s your favorite food?  – I’ll eat pretty much anything, apart from the following – bananas, oysters, grapes, sushi and anything that tastes of aniseed. Give me a good piece of (cooked) fish any day!
  8. Can you share any insights to your life outside work? – To take advantage of San Francisco’s temperate weather, I’ve joined the Golden Gate Triathlon Club. Anyone in San Francisco who thinks we’ve had a terrible summer should try spending a summer in Scotland! I was a bit nervous about joining a triathlon club at first, as I’m a terrible swimmer. But, after just two months, I’ve been bitten by the triathlon bug and will be competing in my first race in Santa Cruz at the end of September. When I’m not swimming, running or cycling, I enjoy drinking from my vast Scotch Whisky collection, watching repeats of Star Trek and checking out San Francisco’s many foodie highlights with my husband, Brett.


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6 thoughts on “Introducing Craig MacLellan

  1. Craig – welcome to LCI, glad to have you on the team! Terrifically creative campaign for the Forth Road Bridge. I love that you paired your client with your favorite show. And, we know from all your recent (and strenous) training that you’re going to be a real champion at the Santa Cruz Triathlon! Cheers, David (Landis)

  2. Craig, we’re so glad to have you and your thoughtful PR persoective, positive team spirit (and, ok, your charming accent) at LCI! And you’re too shy – please share the URL of your Scotch-tasting blog. We Yanks need to learn from the master.

  3. A great addition to a great team of professionals. Good luck on the upcoming triathlon. I’ll be cheering for you.

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