From the Intern’s Desk: Intern Survival Guide

By Elena Fuhrmann, Intern at LCI  
EF Blog PostAs a student with a passion for media and writing, I wanted to learn more about public relations. Prior to embarking on my first internship almost a year ago, I had only seen depictions of the industry on reality shows and via Sex in the City. After being hired at my first agency, I knew the work environment would be quite different from a T.V. scenario and I had a general idea of my duties. However, I didn’t know what to expect specifically day to day. Because of this uncertainty, the excitement I had for my internship was slightly dampened by nerves. In order to help future interns with jitters on the job, I’ve compiled a list of survival tips for PR internships.
Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions
If you’re unsure about an element of an assignment, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask your supervisor. It’s better to confirm your qualms before beginning a project than having to do redo it later. Save yourself some time (and a headache!) by going into your projects with confidence and clarity. No one will fault you for wanting to learn.
Your to-do list is your best friend
As an intern, you’ll likely be assigned multiple projects from several different accounts and colleagues. Unless you have a photographic memory, a to-do list is an absolute must. Keep a running email draft of your upcoming tasks or have a handwritten list near your computer. You’ll thank yourself when you have a particularly busy day.
Every assignment counts
Though you may not love every assignment you’ll be tasked with, keep in mind that every project has a purpose. Although addressing invitations and scanning proposals are not particularly glamorous or exciting activities, they are definitely necessary ”evils” in PR. Oftentimes, seemingly small administrative tasks will make all the difference to your company, your colleagues and your clients.
Internships are learning experiences
One of my favorite things about PR is that no two days are ever the same. Whether you’ve just accepted your first internship position or you have three internships under your belt, you can always learn something new on the job. Embrace your internship as a period to learn and grow. At times, PR can be lightning fast, but learn to embrace it and you’ll always learn something new in this ever-changing field.
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5 thoughts on “From the Intern’s Desk: Intern Survival Guide

  1. Elena – great blog. Asking questions is critical and glad that you understand that scanning proposals can give you insight, because I’ve got another one for you to scan…!!! Cheers, David Landis, President, LCI

  2. Hi Elena,
    We’re so glad you’re on board with us! Thanks for sharing this post. I feel most strongly about the to-do list tip. Without mine, I’d truly be lost.

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