I Googled It

Brianne here, LCI’s business development manager.  The fancy title is nice, but this is  my real job – I’m the one who tries to snag new clients, and responds to the calls that come in from people looking for a PR agency.


Let me tell you, my days are never dull.  I’ve been doing this for 10 years (um, David, where’s my gold watch?!)  and those calls that come in are by turns intriguing, hysterical, heartbreaking and exciting.  But never, never dull.


Back in the Dark Ages (that’s before the rise of the Internet), most new business came by referral…someone knew someone who knew us or our work and the phone rang.  Now the phone rings more frequently, and with much more diverse prospects, due to online searches.  Invariably when I ask a prospect how they found out about us, the answer is, “I Googled it.”  As a result, I have to be more of a detective than ever – trying to get to the root of what a prospect wants and subsequently determining whether or not we’re the right folks for the job.  Over the past few years I’ve heard from companies trying to market new snack foods made from dried tofu paste, technologists who have invented the next big thing (but sometimes can’t really explain it to me), desperate non-profits who need to create buzz to refill empty coffers, and even folks who want some publicity so they can get on reality TV shows.  Not all applicable, but an opportunity for me to educate on what PR can and cannot do for businesses – and a responsibility that I take seriously. 


The really fun part is when I get to talk on the phone with someone for 10 minutes who is so clearly thrilled and excited about what they’re doing…you can hear it in their voice, and it’s contagious.  While we might not be a great fit for them, I get reenergized just by speaking with them and get to remember, again, why business is exciting.  Keep those calls coming…


And here are a few Buzzworthy ways to reenergize your workday (even if you don’t get a lot of phone calls):

Learn a new time management tool  http://www.effective-time-management-strategies.com/time-management-blog.html


After you’ve learned one, use that time you saved to GET OUT OF THE OFFICE.  Seriously, unplug for 15 minutes, it won’t kill you.


Stand on your head.  It gets the blood flowing to your brain.  Don’t know how?  http://www.ehow.com/how_2143645_stand-head.html


Clean up your desk.  Cluttered desk, cluttered mind.  While you’re at it, wipe your desk and phone down with a disinfecting wipe.  It’s still flu season.


Do 5 deep, cleansing breaths.  It’s why all those yoga people look so happy. 

8 thoughts on “I Googled It

  1. Brianne – consider this a “virtual” gold watch! I’m sure talking with you for 10 minutes not only re-energizes you, but is the highlight of a prospect’s day. Always there with a viable idea or a way to help. Thanks for being such a great “go-to” gal. Cheers, David

  2. Well, Patricia, I’d love to tell you that my children are never bratty…but I can’t. Honestly my only advice on that one is a mental vacation. I picture a beautiful beach, with me (the size 2 me, of course) walking along the shore. Alone. Sigh.

  3. Brianne – Great post. You have seen first hand how the internet is a powerful tool for expanding your business. It’s the cheapest, most effective way to “get the word out”. I’m so glad that you are experiencing such success!
    Warning: Shameless plug coming.
    Mannix Marketing has enjoyed working with Landis PR for many years to help get that internet exposure. It’s priceless, really. And such a pleasure when our clients understand the process and benefit from the procedure.
    Ok … now I think I’ll go clean my desk!
    Lisa Bishop

  4. Excellent post. I am sharing with our business development exec, who has done her share of frog-kissing as well. But has also found some very nice princes and princesses.

  5. Well, at least “I Googled it” is better than the vague “I can’t remember but your name up somewhere.” That doesn’t give me a good place to start!
    And Google-calls at least prove your search engine marketing is working, but that’s another subject for another day, right?

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