I didn’t shoot J.R. but I did shoot Linda Gray

brianne miller headshot pinkBy Brianne Miller, Senior Counselor
Every once in a while, during a 30+ year career, you work with a client that really speaks to your heart. That’s the happy happenstance between the LCI team and our client, Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation. In partnership with Brain Health Registry (BHR), Global Alzheimer’s Platform is hoping to accelerate the search for an Alzheimer’s cure by shortening the clinical trial cycle using online tools.
But what does this have to do with the classic TV show Dallas?
Working with Vbelle Productions (headed by the incomparable Victoria Recano), LCI shot a series of public service announcements (television and radio) encouraging people to sign up with BHR at brainhealthregistry.org. Linda Gray, Leeza Gibbons and Samantha Harris all graciously donated their time and talent to help us spread the word.
Linda has personal experience with Alzheimer’s – her mother died of Alzheimer’s and she’s lost friends to the disease. You could see her commitment to aiding the cause during the shoot – Linda isn’t at all the Sue Ellen Ewing you might think she is!  She’s warm, professional and fiercely committed to helping others – caregivers and patients – battle the horror that is Alzheimer’s.
Linda’s also the centerpiece of a campaign we’ll be running called #GrayMatters. If you’ve ever wondered how much fun it would be to have lunch with Linda…well, you just might get your chance. Follow BHR on Facebook and Twitter for more information once we launch the campaign.
So I shot Sue Ellen Ewing. But the real villain is Alzheimer’s. Check out Linda’s PSA below – and don’t forget to register with BHR at brainhealthregistry.org!

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7 thoughts on “I didn’t shoot J.R. but I did shoot Linda Gray

  1. The PSA is great Brianne! I agree that it’s a real pleasure to work with a client that is involved in such an important cause, and hopefully the PSAs will play their part in spreading the word about Brain Health Registry.

  2. Brianne, this may be the best blog headline of all time. Bravo! And so glad LCI is joining Linda Gray, #GrayMatters, the Brain Health Registry and the Global Alzheimer’s Platform to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s by 2025. If you want to help, sign up at: http://www.brainhealthregistry.org (it’s free). Cheers, David

  3. It’s such an honor to work with you on this account, and I loved hearing your stories about how warm, engaging and lovely Linda was to work with. This PSA is so professional and heartfelt – her true commitment to the cause really comes through.

  4. This is one of my favorite projects ever – a very important cause and it is so wonderful to have the support of so many, including these classy celebrities. Many thanks to all!

  5. Brianne,
    The PSA’s turned out fantastic! GAP and BHR are making a difference in the world and it really is a pleasure to work with them.

  6. Brianne, thanks for your amazing PSA work. These PSAs designed to encourage people to sign up for the Brain Health Registry, will help accelerate the search for an Alzheimer’s cure. An amazing cause!

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