How to manage social media with SimplySocial

By Tyler Arnold, Digital Strategist
 tylerEvery positive customer interaction or water cooler story is a positive PR opportunity. Unfortunately, most of these opportunities are lost. Employees, key executives and stakeholders are usually left out of the social media process. We’ve centralized content creation in a single place, allowing everyone to contribute content and share ideas.
Getting access to the best stories you have to tell
Marketers can sense lost opportunities in their organization and it drives them nuts. There’s that “feeling” that there’s a lot going on, but you wouldn’t know from looking at the company’s Facebook page or Twitter profile. When it comes to social media, many marketers are left to fend for themselves. A social media strategy (or even valuable marketing ideas) can be lost in emails, meetings and forgotten follow-ups. Those are all lost opportunities.
Four ways SimplySocial can help:
By managing social media content from a single place, marketers can get access to content they need from the people who have it. To be successful, a social media initiative needs multiple stakeholders within an organization. Here are four ways we can help get them involved and improve your access to higher quality content:
#1. Plan social media campaigns
Keep your social strategy up to date by inviting team members and encouraging input. Organize posts around campaigns to be prepared for the content you’ll need later. Everyone is on the same page with no more guesswork around wondering what to publish!



#2. Collaborate on content
Work together with your entire team in one place. Each piece of content starts as a draft which allows people to contribute their thoughts and ideas. Content can only be published after strict moderator review and approval, allowing you to decide who’s in charge.



#3. Get compliance (or other reports) engaged

Move beyond presentations, e-mails and meetings. Easily assign tasks to members of your team to verify content or fact check information that’s scheduled for release. Content that’s ready can be sent to clients for real-time review which streamlines the overall approval process.



#4. Get contributors involved 

SimplySocial creates an environment where content ideas can be discussed, explored and showcased. Contributors are allowed to submit content and participate in discussions but don’t have the rights to publish. Clients, key executives and other influencers can finally start participating in the content creation process without increasing the workload of an existing team. With all content organized in our content screen shown above, there’s no fear to create.
Fight lost opportunities with SimplySocial
When a positive customer interaction or clever marketing concept isn’t shared, that’s a lost marketing opportunity. By centralizing content creation in a single place and giving everyone access, an opportunity lost becomes an opportunity gained. Now that’s effective social media management.
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  1. Tyler, thanks for the post. Mobilizing your internal evangelists is so key to the success of any social media campaign and we think SimplySocial provides a great solution. Glad to have you working with us! Cheers, David

  2. Tyler,
    Thanks for outlining Simply Social. Many organizations find social media content generation and management to be quite daunting and Simply Social helps overcome that.

  3. great tips! thanks for sharing Tyler. I especially like #2 — you come up with the best ideas that way!

  4. Sean, David, and Doug, many thanks for the kind words!
    I think there’s this whole project management aspect of social media that’s frequently forgotten. Hopefully this post helps demonstrate how we fix that with the great people @ Landis!

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