Here’s to Your Health

Jessica Lee, assistant account executive here, filling in for our fearless leader David Landis, who is out with a cold.


Speaking of colds, with winter approaching and the recent flurry of news about the swine flu, I’ve been thinking about staying healthy – and how to do so with fattening holiday dinners and cold weather encouraging me to stay indoors. So I turned to a couple of my fittest friends to get their take on how they stay in shape, and here are the results of my informal poll:


Everyone I asked said that they try to eat well – consuming plenty of fruits and veggies, eating lean protein like chicken and fish, avoiding soda, drinking a lot of water and taking vitamins and supplements to boost their immunity. Eating well is always a struggle for me because I love sweets and junk food – but I’ve found that being around friends who eat well encourages me to do the same. (This idea has also been supported by research, recently published in the NY Times Magazine).


Hitting the gym is another thing that my health-conscious friends do on a regular basis, whether it’s Pilates, cardio, weightlifting or running and biking outdoors. Getting motivated to work out can be the hardest part, so I also asked people what keeps them going. Most agreed that “being good” during the week allows them to splurge on weekends and not feel guilty. Several of my girlfriends, myself included, get in shape to fit into fancy clothes that we bought just a little bit too small. Shallow, maybe, but I blame our image-conscious society for our compulsion to look good! And for us single gals and guys, working out to impress a date seems to be a common motivator. (Plus, once you find someone and settle down, you can start letting yourself go, right?)


Hopefully this little blog has given you some ways to stay healthy and reasons to do it – if you have any of your own suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section! Now, here are some Buzzworthy ways to spice up your workout:


TRX Suspension Training – A surprisingly effective full-body workout using just your own body weight and straps that “suspend” you from the ceiling. I was sore for days after my first session! (1660 Pacific Ave. at Polk,


Mercury Fitness – A “high performance” Pilates center that my colleague Heather swears by. If you’ve tried regular (mat) Pilates and are bored of just lying on your back, check out Mercury’s Reformer and Tower apparatuses, which add resistance. If you’re really up for a challenge, try the Chair, which is definitely not as relaxing as its name suggests! (2904 Laguna St. at Union,


Zanshin Mind Body Center – A karate dojo by Golden Gate Park. I haven’t been here yet, but I’m trying out a class on Thursday. What better way to take out your aggression than hitting punching bags for an hour? (640 Stanyan St. at Page,


Creations Dessert House – Okay, this has nothing to do with staying in shape – it’s a dessert café and an import from the Hong-Kong based franchise Hui Lau Shan –but after a hard workout, why not reward yourself with a parfait of tapioca balls, coconut milk, fresh mango and mango sorbet? (5217 Geary Blvd. at 16th Ave.,

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  1. Jessica – all good thoughts – and I’m a big believer in taking mega doses of many different vitamins as well. That said, I’m writing this from my sick bed. . .but who knows? I might have been hit harder with the flu if I hadn’t been taking good care of myself. Great blog.

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