Guilt-Free Travel?

Alicia Balkrishna here with some musings on beating travel guilt. . .

‘We need a vacation,’ my boyfriend declared. ‘Preferrably somewhere tropical.’

My heart raced.  While I’m normally a fan of far-flung travel, market forces are a funny thing.  The experts (Mom, included) are telling us to save, save, save during the recession.  Splurge on a getaway?  I listened to myself rattle off reasons (all very pragmatic, of course) about how it was clearly not the time to take a trip.

Just when I thought I’d made a halfway-convincing argument, news of a ‘worldwide distress sale’ turned my careful logic on its head.  Fly San Francisco to London roundtrip for $184? $299 each way to Buenos Aires?  I pinched myself.  With their rock bottom fares, the airlines are telling us to travel, travel, travel.  

So what’s a thrifty gal with serious wanderlust to do?  Me:  I think I’m going to take the plunge, find a fabulous deal and take advantage of the opportunity to experience a new place and culture for less dough than ever.  Despite the requisite guilt about leaving the office (we’re always working hard at LCI), I’m a big believer that  a real (read: email-free) vacation can help you recharge and do even better work when you’re back.  Hey, that next big idea just might come to you on the beach.

According to President Obama, we’re entering ‘a new era of responsibility’ – but I’d like to think he’d be happy if we have a little fun (and support the airline industry) along the way. 

I can see my boyfriend grinning now.

And, for those of you looking for trip ideas that are closer to home, here are a few Buzzworthy ideas: 

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay – Stunning property on a cliff, with access to the beach.  Enjoy a cocktail on the lawn overlooking the water.  Or, hit the spa complete with hot tubs, mineral baths and saunas.  You have full access to the facilities, even if you’re not staying the night.

Sea Ranch Rentals – Choose from more than 50 house rentals and make it yours for a weekend. Private hot tubs for most houses are a major plus.

Union Street Inn – A charming inn in San Francisco’s Marina District for a ‘staycation’ in the City.


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