Google Updates: What You Need to Know

By: Greg Bortkiewicz, Account Executive
Google has been as busy as ever in recent weeks, announcing a couple of updates that all digital marketers need to be aware of. The first is a major change to the format of ads created in AdWords; the second is a clampdown on intrusive ads on mobile websites.
For all you need to know, check out the video below:

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4 thoughts on “Google Updates: What You Need to Know

  1. That was an excellent vlog, Greg! It’s clear that the world of online advertising is always changing, so we need to be on top of it in order to maximize results for our clients. We are lucky to have you on our team!

  2. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for breaking this down for us – I was a bit confused about the changes made to sponsored ads until watching your explanation here.
    David C.

  3. Greg: First off, I LOVE this great vlog. Great production values. It’s also a stroke of brilliance to have “Changes” as the underlying music (who doesn’t love David Bowie?!!). Thanks for all the terrific tips; I’m going to look into them for our own Google adverts for LCI. Many thanks for keeping us current with the many (daily) Google changes. Cheers, David

  4. I actually love the increase in characters for AdWords as I was always having to shorten my message to fit in their original parameters. As for the ‘intrusive efforts’ penalty — they gave us all a warning that it is coming with plenty of time to adjust if necessary. Great vlog, Greg!

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