Getting beyond the rough patches. . .


David Landis, trusty LCI President here.

Technology is a god-send, right?  Think of the efficiencies it’s brought to our respective businesses – how we’re able to source and sort information, communicate quickly, get timely answers and more – all with the simple click of a mouse.

And yet, I’m constantly reminded that technology can never replace the core of business – and that core is, of course, human relationships.

This became apparent in the past couple of weeks as we’ve had some good, but challenging talks with clients – talks that had they been handled one dimensionally (either through email or even on the phone), may not have had a positive conclusion.

Instead, we made a point to call our clients and meet them face-to-face, so we could really understand their questions, their issues and their concerns.

And guess what happened?
In both instances, it opened up a new dialogue which has helped cement our relationships and has also allowed us to deliver a better end product for the client.  It’s a wonderful reminder that no matter how great technology is, nothing will replace direct human interaction, especially if the client perceives that there is a challenge.

So this Luddite is encouraging all of you to put down that mouse when it really matters and go knock on doors instead.  You might be surprised at what ensues.

Here’s my Buzzworthy list for the week:

·         DOSA Indian restaurant on Fillmore St. – glamorous, delicious and in keeping with the current economy, affordable.

·         Harris’ Steak House on Van Ness – chilled martinis at a clubby bar, a great filet mignon and a jazz trio playing at night.  What could be better?

·         Haas-Lilienthal House on Franklin St. – one of SF’s greatest examples of Victorian architecture,  this magnificent home has been preserved by San Francisco Architectural Heritage (with many of the original furnishings) to help enlighten modern day urbanites about San Francisco’s Victorian beginnings.  Splurge for the $8 informative tours on the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Getting beyond the rough patches. . .

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Before you hired me, I remember you asked me what I thought was the most effective and important means of communication with a client….thank goodness I said personal interaction, which apparently was the correct answer b/c I am, in fact, a current employee at LCI ;o)

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I know it isn’t possible for all clients, however having those in person meetings helps to remind us all that we are partners on whatever project we might be working on.

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