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Leah GarchikMeet the San Francisco Chronicle’s Leah Garchik


LCI debuts a new blog today, aptly titled For the Record.


For the Record is your weekly inside media scoop – and we’re turning the tables.


Instead of being on the receiving end of a media interview, we’re interviewing the media ourselves. Each Thursday, LCI will post a media interview to our blog, Backtalk.  We want to help our readers as well as the PR and media community get to know a few journalists a little bit better. Enjoy!



Our initial foray includes the following entry from Leah Garchik, popular columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle.


Tell us about your dream assignment.


I once had lunch with Jeremy Irons. A press lunch with 5 other people there, but we both smoked. This forged an unforgettable bond. I feel closer to him than anyone, even than to Perez Hilton.


Describe the wackiest story you’ve written.


I once wrote a story about trying to learn to yodel. I actually took a lesson. I completely flubbed it (otherwise I would have become a singing cowgirl and abandoned journalism altogether).


What is your PR pet peeve?


Oh this is so small it’s embarrassing, but here goes. I’ll reveal myself to be the petty viper that I am. I hate when people (local PR people, that is) send me pics. It’s obvious then that they’ve never looked at the column, which doesn’t use pics.


Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or are interested in.


I am interested in items that make you laugh, items that make you cry, items that take your breath away, or your good temper, items that turn your stomach, or make you proud to be an American.


Tell us a little about yourself.


I am part of a radio quiz show, I have written two books, neither of which is literary, I used to play the glockenspiel in an oom-pah band and I make excellent knishes.


Follow Leah Garchik on Twitter @leahgarchik.


Be sure to check back next Thursday for the inside scoop on Chloe Veltman, Bay Citizen and the New York Times.

7 thoughts on “For the Record

  1. Leah – you always make me laugh, cry, take my breath away and more. Plus you do it with style and grace. Many thanks for being our very first media interview for FOR THE RECORD. Cheers, David

  2. Leah — it’s a good thing you stuck to journalism, although I must admit I would definitely come see you perform as a singing cowgirl! Best, Jordana

  3. Leah – And all these years I thought you were just a great journalist. Oh, and I’ll stop sending you those photos.

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