Don’t forget about ethnic media

Gong xi fa cai! Jessica Lee, LCI’s assistant account executive here, wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year. While most people were celebrating Valentine’s Day last weekend, I was having a family dinner with my parents, aunt and cousins to ring in the Year of the Tiger.


While chowing down, my aunt asked me how work was going. I told her it was going well, that we had some new clients, etc. Then, she asked, “So what do you do as a PR professional anyway?” It’s a question I’ve heard many times from friends and acquaintances, but I found it quite difficult to explain my job to my aunt.


Perhaps it was because I didn’t have an example of my work that I could show to her – normally, I’d be able to show someone an article I had placed in the San Francisco Chronicle and explain how my efforts resulted in media coverage for a client. But my aunts and parents, for whom English is a second language, don’t get their news from the Chronicle – they turn to Chinese-language media like the World Journal newspaper or KTSF, an Asian-language TV station.


A 2009 study by New American Media found that a whopping 73% of Asian Americans consume ethnic media. As a group, Asian Americans tend to be fairly affluent and educated, and make up a huge part of the San Francisco Bay Area demographic – so this is definitely a highly desirable audience that needs to be a part of every PR campaign. Most agencies may not have the time, resources or language skills to target these outlets, but ethnic media should be a part of our outreach efforts as much as possible.


Speaking of cultural diversity, the 2010 Winter Olympics has begun! Here are my recommendations of the Buzzworthy events to watch. Check out for TV listings, and follow the athletes on Twitter to get inside their heads:


·         Men’s figure skating – Yevgeny Plushenko of Russia is the favorite, but the American team of Evan Lysacek, Johnny Weir and Jeremy Abbott is looking strong – and Canadian Patrick Chan is absolutely adorable!


·         Short-track speed skatingApolo Anton Ohno, also known for his recent win on Dancing with the Stars, has already won silver in the 1500m, and is now tied with Bonnie Blair for the most medals (six) won by a U.S. winter Olympian. Ohno has a good chance of breaking Blair’s record, as he still has the 500m, 1000m, and the 5000m relay, which are always exciting events.


·         Curling – I’m still not sure exactly what this sport is – people with brooms sweeping the ice as they watch a big stone slide toward a target? – but I’m going to try to watch at least one curling match and figure it out!



4 thoughts on “Don’t forget about ethnic media

  1. This info will definitely come in handy as we continue our Asian outreach for Wolfe. Thanks for enlightening us Jess!. P.S. I LOVE the curling event!! Wish I could sweep my apt that furiously!

  2. Does the sweeping come before or after the half-pipe? South Korea is current medal leader among Asian countries.

  3. I’m actually thinking of trying out for curling next time…I do sweep like a maniac.
    Best of everything in this New Year to all!

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