(client) Care4Today Mobile Health Manager announces exciting new features at Health 2.0 Conference

By Kirsten Holguin, Director at LCI 
For anyone at the Health 2.0 Conference, it is clear to see technology is changing the way health care will be delivered to patients and how patients will interact with their providers. Fran Devlin, director of marketing for Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager, took the main stage at Health 2.0 on Monday night to announce the launch of the Patient Dashboard for providers as well as the Spanish language platform of the app.  It was exciting to see the number of people lining up to talk to Fran after the announcement.
For more information about the app’s new features, read our announcement below:
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Care4TodayTM Mobile Health Manager Launches Free Patient Dashboard for Providers Designed to Help Patients Stay on Track with Medication Regimens
Care4TodayTM Mobile Health Manager Also Launches Spanish-Language Platform
SAN DIEGO —September 23, 2014— Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager, a platform designed to support and motivate people to stay on schedule with their medications, today launched a Patient Dashboard for health care providers and pharmacies to provide timely monitoring of self-reported medication adherence for their patients. Janssen Healthcare Innovation, part of Janssen Research & Development, LLC, announced the new feature as well as an expanded Spanish-language version from the main stage at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in Santa Clara.
With the Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager Patient Dashboard, patients can opt in to provide their physician with a view of their ongoing medication adherence. Now, if a patient misses a dose, the physician or care provider can take appropriate action if necessary.
Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager includes an up-to-date database containing 40,000 FDA-approved medications and 20,000 images inclusive of generic and brand name medications. Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager uses an easy to understand color-coded system to prompt patients when it is time to take their medication. Each reminder message prompts a response that is recorded in the user’s adherence report. The app is a secure, two-way messaging platform that works on almost all mobile phones including basic feature phones.
“For more than 125 years Johnson & Johnson is the company that people turn to when it comes to caring for their personal health and the health of their families,” said Diego Miralles, M.D., Global Head, Innovation, Janssen Pharmaceuticals. “Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager reflects our ongoing commitment to serving the health care needs of millions by providing free tools that support and motivate people to take their medications on schedule.”
There are many reasons people don’t take their medications, but the most commonly cited reason is they simply forget.1 According to the World Health Organization, 50 percent of patients with chronic illnesses forget to take their medications on time.2 Failure to take medications as prescribed can cause delayed recovery, disease relapse and hospitalization.3 In the United States, medication-related hospitalizations cost the economy approximately $100 billion a year.
“One of the challenges a physician faces is going weeks or even months between appointments with a given patient. Using the new patient dashboard on the Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager, we have the opportunity to monitor patients remotely,” said Tony Mills, M.D., the medical director at the Southern California Men’s Medical Group. “We use technology to treat patients when they are in the hospital. Why shouldn’t we use technology to keep patients out of the hospital as well?”
To meet the health care needs of the more than 37 million people in the United States who speak Spanish, the new version includes a Spanish-language option. The Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager Spanish platform has the same functionality, including the new Patient Dashboard for providers.
Other features designed to motivate and support patient adherence:
Care4Family® feature is a valuable tool for caregivers to remotely monitor their family member or loved one’s medication adherence and encourage them to stay on schedule. Four in ten adults in the U.S. care for an adult or child with significant health issues4 and more than 25 percent of children in the U.S. take medications to treat ongoing health conditions.5 The Care4Family® feature provides caregivers with the information about a family member missing a dose so appropriate encouragement to stay on the medication regimen can be given.
Care4Charity® gives people who take care of their own health the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager users can select from several charities that will receive a $0.25 donation from Janssen Healthcare Innovation for each day through June 2015 in which they take all their medications. The charities include American Cancer Society, AIDS United, American Diabetes Association and Save the Children. Janssen Healthcare Innovation has committed a minimum donation of $20,000 to each charity and a maximum additional donation of $50,000 to the Care4Charity® program.
Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager can be downloaded free directly from the App Store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/care4today-mobile-health-manager/id683484327?mt=8, or the Care4Today website  http://care4today.com/mhm.html, for feature phone and desktop use.
Tony Mills, M.D. is a paid spokesperson of Janssen Healthcare Innovation.
The Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager is more than just a standard reminder application. This multifaceted digital platform provides medication dosing and prescription refill reminders and provides physicians, family members and caregivers the opportunity to offer support through an informed network – all with the goal of improving medication adherence. For more information, visit Care4Today’s website at: care4today.com.
Janssen Healthcare Innovation
Janssen Healthcare Innovation (JHI) is an entrepreneurial team within Janssen Research & Development, LLC, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. JHI is creating solutions that will modernize healthcare delivery and transform the consumer healthcare experience. We are launching integrated care businesses and building enabling technologies that harness the broad and differentiated capabilities of Johnson & Johnson. Our integrated care businesses coordinate care delivery to help improve health outcomes and lower cost. We also are developing enabling tools that apply novel technology to healthcare challenges to increase efficiency and effectiveness through coordination, communication and connectivity.
For more information, visit: www.janssenhealthcareinnovation.com.
1. Medication Adherence in America: A National Report Card, National Community Pharmacists Association, 2013
2. Adherence to Long-Term Therapies, Evidence for Action, World Health Organization, 2003
3. The 21st Century Intelligent Pharmacy Project: The Importance of Medication Adherence, Center for Health Transformation, 2010
4. Pew Internet & American Life Project: Family Caregivers are Wired for Health, 2013
5. New Research: Kids’ Consumption of Chronic Medications on the Rise. May 19, 2010 press release, Medco Health Solutions, Inc.
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  2. Kirsten – glad to see this new mobile app. As someone who recently needed to keep track of his medications, I can attest to the fact that even the best of us need all the help we can get. I loved using Care4Today and it kept my recuperation on track. Cheers, David

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