Blogging. . .just for the fun (or business?) of it

Hi there, it’s Ruhee Subedar, the current LCI intern.

So what exactly is it about blogging that everyone loves so much? I always thought a blog was a type of online diary making your personal business instantly available to the whole world. But then again that could’ve been because before I started working, the only blogs I had read were written by friends who wrote out detailed daydreams involving their crush. Sometimes with a little bit too much information. After working in the professional field, I have started to realize that blogs aren’t just seen as online diaries, they actually mean something and a mention in a respected blog can be a big deal for a client.

The great thing about blogs is that you control the information you put out. There’s no editor telling you what to write, or someone changing your sentences. It comes straight from your head and onto the computer. That’s part of the reason why everyone loves reading blogs. They are honest, straight to the point and make people accessible. More and more celebrities have their own blogs because they realize that in order to create a stronger bond with their fans they need to be more personable.  A celebrity writing a blog about one of their favorite memories or a recent trip can allow a fan to connect with them on a more personal basis, even though that blog may be read by thousands of fans.

There is a blog out there for anything and everything. For the techies interested in the newest phone, there’s a blog that can keep you up to date on all the latest technology. For celebrity gossip junkies there are blogs to let you know who broke up, who is back to together and of course a guaranteed hit for your blog, details on who is pregnant and the great lengths they are going to hide it. A good way to find the blog that’s right for you is to visit

Blogging is the new media and it’s definitely here to stay. It’s almost guaranteed if you go for an interview in a PR related job you will be asked if you know what a blog is and which blogs you read. So for those of you who used to be like me and think blogs were a free-for- all access into your personal life, it’s time to do some research. Find out what a blog really is. The best way to start is to create your own blog, but please remember too much information isn’t always a good thing!

And this week for a little change Buzzworthy fun in the South Bay:

  1. Tech Museum of Innovation – located in the downtown San Jose, there is always a cool new exhibit.  Currently “Leonardo: 500 Years into the Future” is on display.
  2. Santana Row- even though there are times I dread going here because of all the LA wannabes, it is still a fun place to shop, hang out and of course eat!
  3. The Shark Tank aka the HP Pavilion at San Jose-  best place to check out a Sharks game, concerts or the upcoming Disney on Ice!
  4. Hakone Gardens- located in Saratoga, this is one of my favorite places to visit. There are 4 different Japanese gardens and each month highlights a special flower.
  5. La Victoria- if you live in the South Bay then you have definitely heard of La Vics orange sauce, add it on any burrito and it’s simply amazing.

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    Awesome job!

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