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Amanda James here, LCI’s faithful intern, checking in after the Labor Day weekend.


No matter where you live or what you do in your daily life, you can take a vicarious vacation through online blogs. Whether you are longing for an extended stay in an exotic locale, craving New York pizza or wondering what the latest fashion trends in Paris will be this season, you can find photos and anecdotes to indulge whatever interest is on your mind.


Blogs are a great way for fashion savvy individuals to exchange ideas, tips and to learn about styles across the world. I enjoy checking out The SF Street Style blog ( where two fashion smart San Franciscans take photos of unique, clever and classic clothing styles as seen on the street by local residents. The posts are labeled by neighborhood and include style analyses, seasonal advice as well as tips on how to pull off a similar look.     


If you are interested in international fashion and youth pop culture, check out the Tokyo Street Style blog ( It is updated weekly with thirty of the hottest street style getups seen on random individuals in the main fashion districts of Japan. There are mini interviews in English explaining the style inspiration behind these colorful outfits which include things such as cabbages and Shirley Temple. Somehow Japan can make it work.


For those who are hungry and planning their next meal, the blog The Girl Who Ate Everything ( details the ultimate New York foodie experience from a girl with a bottomless stomach. Her high definition, up-close photos of delicious morsels from restaurants in New York and her travels will make your mouth water. Checking out food blogs from your local area will give you a wealth of ideas for your next restaurant outing and encourage you to explore the best-of-the-best when it comes to value, taste and dining environment.


If you are interested in starting your own blog there are many free servers to choose from including the popular sites LiveJournal ( and Blogger ( If you want to increase your blog’s followers remember to update frequently and include lots of images to capture the attention of your readers. Allowing and responding to reader commentary is a great way to encourage discussion and see who is reading your posts. Time to update!


Here are some buzzworthy mentions:


Lupicia Fresh Tea:

Lupicia specializes in the highest quality of fresh tea imported from Japan. I recommend the choco-menthe black tea which is reminiscent of thin mint Girl Scout cookies and the light, fruity super grade peach oolong tea.


Creations Dessert House:

Try this delicious dessert cafe in San Francisco from a popular Hong Kong-based chain with delicious offerings that claim to improve the mind, digestive and immune systems. I recommend the mango coconut milk sago-a dessert that is fruity and creamy with chewy pearls.



Americano is the place to be in San Francisco between the hours of 4–6 pm during the weekday happy hour. Enjoy well-made drinks and bar food as you mingle with a sophisticated crowd.


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