Blog Remembrances of 2015

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By David Landis, President, LCI
So we’re just 4 days into the new year and rather than doing that tried-and-true “New Year, New You” blog post, I thought I’d ask LCI staffers to offer input.  What did we learn from last year? We took a cue from our Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) partner in Phoenix, HMA Public Relations, and asked everyone what their favorite LCI blogs of 2015 were.  Here they are, in no particular order:
Brianne Miller, Senior Counselor:

Ben’s got one of the quirkiest jobs in journalism and he describes how bizarre his day can be.

I have my own ideas, but enjoyed Ashley’s critical eye on the coastal work differences in PR.

Inspired by our PRGN partner in Philadelphia, Anne Buchanan at Buchanan Public Relations.  I wish all our applicants read it!
Greg Bortkiewicz, Assistant Account Executive:
For my top blog picks of 2015, I would choose the introductions from new staff when they join LCI. I will exclude my own, so I’ll pick the blogs from Gus, Jennifer and Jimin. I think these blogs are a great way for new staffers to share a little about themselves with their new colleague. It’s helpful for any new or prospective clients (or team members) to get a great insight into the team we have here.

Jimin Lee, Assistant Account Executive:

I adore and aspire to be like Remo del Tredici. He’s giving, funny, full-of-life and kind. It was a joy working with him. Also, his secrets to long life are solid.

Because seeing everyone in hair nets and plastic aprons is hilarious… also, it tells a wonderful story about giving back.

It was one of the first blogs I read upon being hired.  His insight about working with the media stuck with me.
Ashley Boarman, Senior Account Executive:

David Landis, President:

LCI’s own Jimin Lee has her finger on the pulse when it comes to all things social media. Google+ keeps changing its approach, trying to find its audience and niche. We’re all wondering: will these newest changes succeed?

This terrific infographic spells out how critical PR is for successful SEO in business today. We have been working with Lisa for more than a decade.  Her team’s know-how at Mannix Marketing has been intrinsic to our growth and success at LCI.

James is always on the cutting edge of what’s new for brands.  He explains succinctly and clearly why Periscope might just be the new “it” video streaming platform for brands, especially when they are introducing new products.
Please let us know your thoughts.  What would YOU like to see us write about for LCI’s blog in 2016?  Comment below or email us at: [email protected].

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  1. Great idea for your blog David! This shows the wonderful range of topics we have covered and the breadth of expertise we have here at LCI. I look forward to seeing more like this in 2016.

  2. The blog has been a fantastic tool in interacting with others in our industry. I hope we will continue to reach out and have more guest posts in the future!

  3. Thanks for the great recap. I appreciate how the LCI blog includes media members, LCI employees, and partner agencies, thus providing a breadth as well as depth of perspectives and experience. Here’s to learning and growing more in 2016!

  4. Such an amazing range of topics. I’m looking forward to all the upcoming thought proving and inspiring blog posts this year!

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