Are You Experiencing a "PR Drought"?

meBy: Kimberly Premo, Account Coordinator at LCI
Experiencing a drought doesn’t just happen in California, it can also happen in your career as a PR professional. Similar to dry spells in the weather, PR professionals can experience lulls in coverage for clients. Here at LCI, we call this a “PR drought.”
If your client’s coverage is as dry as California, below are five tips to “wet” your PR whistle: 
1. Conserve your natural resources – in times of “PR drought” make sure to nourish your media relationships. These media contacts are your supply reserve. Make sure to let them know that you appreciate them so that you will have them in desperate times.
2. Rain making – user generated sites are always a great way to create buzz about your clients, and get that coverage flowing again.
3. Stay fluid – don’t let your creative juices dry up just because there is a lack of coverage, make sure you are still producing rich and thoughtful content. Quality over quantity is always better.
4. Be patient – the natural ebb and flow of the media will continue, and opportunity will come back around. Continue to be persistent and put your best work forward. If you do these things you will get the coverage you have been working towards.
5. Call for help! – If you are in desperate need, do not hesitate to call for help. Hire professionals to consult your firm and help you out of this rut.
Have any other good tips for PR professionals stuck in a “drought”? Please leave comments below or send to [email protected]
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4 thoughts on “Are You Experiencing a "PR Drought"?

  1. Kim, great ideas here and I love the metaphor – but I’m hoping CA will get its rain soon and that creative PR ideas will continue to rain down on us. Cheers, David

  2. Thanks for such a timely blog post! I always use UGS when I can–it’s one of the best ways to secure coverage for a client. Best, Hilary

  3. Hi Kim,
    Some great tips here — thanks for sharing. You hit the nail on the head re: how important it is to regularly nourish media relationships and don’t feed them unnecessary “fluff” that will distract from the important issues. There will undoubtedly come a time that you need to call in a favor and as long as you’ve got a solid relationship in place, you’ll be in a good place to be successful when you need it.

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