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nick Nick here, LCI’s Account Coordinator.


Amid the controlled chaos that is my typical work day, I rarely take the time to step back and reflect on what I’ve learned and accomplished during my time here at Landis Communications.


So when an email came through my inbox from a college student wanting some information about what it’s like to work at a PR agency, I jumped at the opportunity to reflect on my position in a way that would benefit someone else.


The following are my answers to a few of the student’s questions:


What are some attributes, talents, skills and characteristics needed in PR?

From a skills perspective, you need to be a strong writer, communicator and multitasker – these are a must. But in order to succeed in PR, you need to have certain personality traits that motivate you to do the best you can for your client and your agency. You need to be okay with hearing “no” from a media person who may not like your pitch, which means you need to have a tough skin and be comfortable asking why that person doesn’t like your story. You should also love the excitement of working against multiple deadlines. It can be stressful, but there’s really nothing better than taking care of business when your back is against the wall.


What do you like best about PR?

Every day is different and the job never gets boring. It’s still amazing to me how little I look at the clock and how quickly time passes. PR has also taught me valuable skills in time management and not resting on my laurels. There are days everything falls into place and there are days you have to grind for a small amount of success; but in the end, you know there’s another opportunity awaiting tomorrow.


What’s your advice for students wanting to work in public relations?

Studying communications, journalism and marketing should give you a good background on the principals of PR. If you have an opportunity to work at your school newspaper you should do it – you’ll gain a valuable perspective on how the media works. When preparing to graduate, start looking at entry-level positions and internships in locations that interest you. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you about the application process is to do your homework and be persistent. Getting hired at a PR agency is a lot like earning a media placement for a client, it takes research and appropriate tactics. No matter what response you get, whether it’s an email or in-person interview, always remember to say “thank you.”


I hope the above gives students or those who have recently graduated some insight into what it’s like starting out in the PR business.


If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or leave a comment below.




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  1. Nick – great thoughts, well articulated. Terrific to have such a great writer as yourself on our staff. Glad you’re here. Cheers, David

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