The Top 5 Reasons PR is a MUST for SEO

The Top 5 Reasons PR is a MUST for SEO
Infographic courtesy of Lisa Bishop, senior digital marketing strategist at Mannix Marketing
lisa-bishopMarketers have long used search enginge optimization (SEO) as a standard tactic to boost client and brand visibility in organic web searches to ultimately drive awareness and traffic to their websites. While the use of SEO as part of an overall communications strategy is well established, the influential role PR plays in driving web traffic is less often acknowleged. Successful PR tactics build a wider audience for a brand’s content and enhances SEO in several ways.
Lisa Bishop of Mannix Marketing highlights the top five ways PR is a necessity for SEO strategy in the infographic below:
SEO Infographic
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  1. Lisa, many thanks for a great post. It’s true: PR provides valid content and links that will always support a business’ SEO efforts. Thanks for a clear and concise summary. Cheers, David

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