A fond farewell, in style of course!

Account Executive Lauren Fernstrom here, and while I am sad to say goodbye to my LCI pals, I am happy to report we had a hugely successful event at SFO on Monday with our client Emirates Airline.

As you may have already read this week (ahem, front page of the San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News), Emirates brought one of the 58 (yes, 58!) Airbus A380 airplanes they ordered to the United States to mark the launch of the aircraft’s new service from JFK to Dubai. Emirates brought the new Airbus to SFO and LAX to showcase the future of air travel.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are the two new destinations for Emirates, with both cities launching service to Dubai later this year.

So for those of you living under a rock, what is the Airbus A380 you ask? Well, it’s the largest and most luxurious passenger aircraft in the world. It holds 489 people total (another version of the A380 holds 517!): 399 in economy, 76 in business and 14 in first class. And for those lucky enough to fly first class there are 2 showers for your use! Yes, SHOWERS on an airplane! And there’s more: there are two on-board lounges (why not schmooze at 30,000 feet?), a waterfall and best of all every seat is outfitted with plasma LCD screens with over 1000 on-demand channels!

This is truly the future of luxury – in the air or not! Plus, the plane is literally more gas-efficient than most hybrid cars. Could it get any better?

For all of you that are thinking, “I need to get on this plane as soon as possible,” Emirates’ Airbus A380 service began on August 1 and will run from JFK to Dubai three times a week. October 26 will launch service with the Boeing 777-200LR aircraft from LAX to Dubai daily and non-stop flights from San Francisco to Dubai begin on December 15.

So now that we’ve covered the good part, I am sad to say farewell to the wonderful LCI. Since I will be moving to New York City, I decided I would do some Buzzworthy items for the Big Apple:

  1. Roseland and Hammerstein Ballrooms and Radio City Music Hall – If you like music, make sure to check out these incredible venues. Some of the best concerts I have ever been to have been at each of these houses, and coincidentally, many CDs and DVDs have been recorded here as well.
  2. Ollie’s Noodle Shop – Some of the best noodles, dim sum and dumplings around!
  3. Pig and Whistle on 3rd – For anyone seeking a good time!
  4. Blue Smoke – The best blue cheese dip. Ever.
  5. The American Museum of Natural History – My favorite museum since I was a little girl. Make sure to see all of the dioramas!

Thank you for everything and as David would say, onward and upward! Best of luck to all.

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  1. Lauren:

    You’ve been a phenomenal addition to the LCI staff and we know you’re going make it after all in the Big Apple. Best of luck and stay in touch! Cheers, David

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