2019 Resolutions

With 2019 now in full flow, the LCI team share their aims and resolutions for 2019.

David Landis

My 2019 professional resolution is to be more selective – with our own agency and our clients – about how and when to use social media. 2018 has taught us the perils of unedited social conversations, many of which have been unduly influenced by outside forces. It is up to us to think critically about social media usage—what is truly factual and what is not—and provide thoughtful counsel.

We also need to stand up for our democracy by continuing to support professional news organizations who continue to be under attack.

On a personal front: travel, travel and more travel.

Sean Dowdall

For my own health, I resolve to drink more water every day and, for our community’s health, I resolve to pick up trash off the streets every day.

Brianne Murphy Miller

My personal resolution is to spend more time IRL (in real life) with people, instead of random emails, tweets and posts. Professionally, I’d like to do more public speaking.

David Cumpston

Personally, I’m eager take some new traveling adventures. This time, however, my husband will be joining me. We married in late 2017 and are now ready to hit the road. Portland (again) and Guadalajara are first up, followed by another TBD international destination later in the year.

Professionally, I plan to uncover new ways to build relationships and facilitate new client connections. One of the benefits associated with working for a PR agency is taking advantage of collaboration opportunities, so why not pair up on new endeavors that benefit multiple parties?

Polly Ikonen

Over the next year, I resolve to make more phone calls. It may sound old school, but picking up the phone to speak directly with a journalist or a client can be so much more effective – and efficient – than just emailing all the time.

Robin Carr

I plan on taking time throughout the day to get away from the computer and move around. A few 20-30-minute walks per day should help my posture and health. Also, I have a lovely baby grand piano in my living room that I need to play more often.

As a “Jill of All Trades,” I have a versatile background in corporate communications working in sports, lifestyle and technology industries. In 2019, I look forward to working on different accounts with a wide range of clients, which will help to expand both my network and skill set.

Ashley Boarman

My professional resolution is to hone my account management skills and take a professional speaking class. Personally, I’m ready to improve my photography skills and conquer another 10 miler.

Craig MacLellan

Professionally, I want to keep building my network here in the Bay Area, which I’ve already started by joining the PRSA. Personally, I’m looking to continue my triathlon journey with my first and second half Ironman races in Whistler (July) and Arizona (October).

Sharon London

This year, I plan to be more active in giving back to the community through involvement; do more in my home and activities to stop trashing the environment with single use plastic, aerosol sprays, wasting non-renewable energy etc.; and spend more time with friends and family.

What are your resolutions for the year? Let us know in the comments box below.

7 thoughts on “2019 Resolutions

  1. Some of my colleagues’ resolutions are so good that I think I’ll be taking on a few of theirs, too!

  2. It’s not really a resolution, but I’m also very excited to see our country moving towards better representation of the diversity of our population. I’m looking forward to changes that will bring to our country. Cheers, David

  3. I’m all for taking on some colleagues’ resolutions but I draw the line at Craig and Ashley’s running…I only run if someone is chasing me.

  4. Here’s to fewer emails and more phone calls in 2019. I’m also going to make it my aim to get Brianne running!

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