Ten signs you need to get out of the house and travel

Handlery Hotels logoLongtime LCI friend and client Jon Handlery owns the Handlery Hotels properties in San Francisco and San Diego. As we move beyond COVID, he took a humorous look at the reasons to start traveling again.

By Jon Handlery, Guest Blogger

After being cooped up in the house for the past 12 months, you might be questioning, “have I been home too long?” If you’re asking yourself that, the answer is probably yes!

Here are the top ten signs that you have spent too much time at home:

  1. You cut down on dry cleaning costs by wearing pajamas during the daytime.
  2. You bought a treadmill for yourself and the dog.
  3. There is nothing to watch because you binged every TV series made.
  4. There is a permanent imprint of your body on the sofa that would make a chalk outline at a crime scene pale in comparison.
  5. Going to a drive-thru with your better half and ordering two double cheeseburgers, a basket of garlic fries and two extra-large chocolate shakes counts as a romantic dinner.
  6. Rapunzel now has shorter hair than you do.
  7. The good news is you’re having long interesting conversations for hours on end. The bad news is they’re with your cat.
  8. You gave up on using the dishwasher because you discovered it’s easier to drink the wine straight out of the bottle.
  9. When you’re on a Zoom meeting, you refuse to put the camera on.
  10. You use so much hand sanitizer you can no longer hold any glass or silverware.

If the travel bug has bitten you, you can take advantage of the “Save Now Stay Later” package at the Handlery Hotels in San Francisco and San Diego. We look forward to welcoming you!

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4 thoughts on “Ten signs you need to get out of the house and travel

  1. Thanks for your “very Jon Handlery” take on why we need to get out into the world…I was right there with the Rapunzel issue. 😉

  2. It’s a shame David Letterman isn’t on the air anymore, Jon. Your list is worthy of his Top Ten, for sure. Yes, please, let’s all get out of here!

  3. Thanks for the hilarious blog, Jon. I can relate to all ten signs on your list… I guess that means it’s time to book my next vacation!

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