Social Media Primer: Which Platform Is Right For Your Business?

“Social Media is ubiquitous these days,” says LCI President David Landis. “I found this post, written by Bailie Pelletier from our Seattle PR Public Relations Global Network agency affiliate, The Fearey Group, particularly helpful. It delineates which platform is right for which business. My takeaways? That males between 25-34 are most active on Facebook; that Instagram is ideal for B2C marketing; that Twitter is great for breaking news and crisis communications; and that LinkedIn, not surprisingly, is built for B2B Marketing (and has a 57% male demographic). This blog first appeared in a slightly different form on The Fearey Group’s blog on August 18, 2020. Enjoy – and be social.”

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4 thoughts on “Social Media Primer: Which Platform Is Right For Your Business?

  1. Thanks Bailie – the demographics are particularly interesting – men are most active on all the platforms you highlighted. I never would have guessed that of Insta and Facebook.

  2. This is a super-helpful overview for businesses. What a lot of organizations also fail to consider is what staffing and resources are needed to maintain meaningful, data-driven engagement for your business. Social media only works for a business if the business works at managing it well. So I’ve always advised that less is more – better to be in fewer well-managed channels than spread too thinly across more. Nothing turns customers off more quickly than a stale feed.

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