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New Picture (2)By Sheryl So, Blogger
From the never-ending world of new apps, are two that PR Pros may find incredibly helpful. Both are free, and both have clear and practical applications in the public relations industry.
New PictureVine is a mobile app for capturing and sharing short (6 seconds or less) looping videos with sound. Owned by Twitter, Vine loops your short videos together to create a clip that can be shared via the app itself, or via Twitter and Facebook.  For PR Pros, Vine can capture an event or campaign in a six-second video or series of videos to give viewers a richer, visual experience.
Vine can be used to create a product demo, a video elevator pitch, media clips for a new business presentation or a “sneak peak” of a new product or program. It can also record media training sessions (record and play back first impressions, body language etc.), to capture sound bites from a media interview or an industry event.
Volio is a new app that uses artificial intelligence to give humans the characteristics of virtual assistants. Volio combines video with natural language processing software to help computers make sense of human speech. The platform allows anyone to give the impression that they’re available anytime to chat and offer advice on a specific topic.
New Picture (1)Videos created on the platform are extremely interactive and driven by the user’s voice. Similar to using Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, users need only talk to guide the experience. To learn more check out the “Talk with Esquire” app which features Esquire Magazine’s fashion director Nick Sullivan, grooming expert Rodney Cutler and drinks guru David Wondrich, each ready to address your fashion or mixology questions. PR Pros take note, Volio technology could be used by a celebrity or brand seeking to interact with people on a more personal level.
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  1. Sheryl, thanks. . .it’ll be interesting for PR pros like ourselves to see how this all pans out. Cheers, David

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