Top 5 Tips for Navigating Pride PR Respectfully and Effectively

By Makenzi Jordan Rodriguez

Although Pride Month is celebrated in June, it should be incorporated into an organization’s values year-round. Every organization should strive to celebrate and embrace diversity, inclusivity, and equality and show support for LGBTQ+ colleagues throughout the year. Pride Month offers many opportunities to demonstrate allyship and authentic support.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Here are five tips to help your organization navigate Pride PR in a respectful and effective way while supporting your LGBTQ+ employees throughout the year:


1. Avoid Rainbow Washing – Be Authentic!

What is rainbow washing, you ask? Rainbow washing happens when an organization doesn’t practice what they preach. For instance, when an organization only shows support for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month by using its symbols in their advertising and branding but does not support the queer community or their rights. Support of the LGBTQ+ community should not be limited to only 30 days out of the year.


2. Educate Yourself and Your Team.

Take time to learn about the history, challenges and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community. Ask questions and listen. Provide necessary training to enhance awareness and understanding of how to be a better ally to colleagues.


3. Collaborate with LGBTQ+ Organizations (NOT just in June!).

This not only demonstrates your support for equality, but also indicates to the LGBTQ+ community and consumers that your allyship goes beyond monetization.


4. Consistency is Crucial

Display continuous support throughout the year. Solicit input from employees on the organizations and events they’d like to see your company sponsor. Always use someone’s proper pronouns and encourage their use in emails, on the website, and during Zoom meetings. Additionally, have resources available for feedback.


5. Be Transparent.

Be open and honest about any mistakes or shortcomings you may make and demonstrate how you are striving to improve.


This Pride Month, make a lasting change in your corporate culture by building a stronger and more genuine connection with your LGBTQ+ colleagues and clients.