PRGN Hong Kong Meeting 2024: Why meeting in person is still important

By Brianne Miller

Here at Landis, we’re lucky enough to be part of Public Relations Global Network. This is an association of 50+ agencies around the world that are all independently owned and operated – and experts in their region. That means that I can call my colleague Judy Kuramata at Integrate Communications in Tokyo to ask if she has any background on a journalist I’m pitching at the Wall Street Journal bureau there. I can rely on a trusted partner like Cullen Communications in Dublin to advise on launching neurodiversity services for a healthcare client. Or I can partner with an agency like Bianchi PR in Detroit to help serve a client in the autonomous auto tech sector. The group meets in person twice a year to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Photo courtesy of Public Relations Global Network

I’m just back from Hong Kong, where LBS Communications hosted us for a few days of meetings (and, OK, a lot of fun too). In the post-covid world of Zoom meetings and remote work, why travel halfway around the globe to spend a few days with partners?


It’s just not enough to know that Andy See of Perspective Strategies in Malaysia works with FedEx – I got to hear him talk over lunch about how his firm is helping this giant company make a difference locally with community engagement programs and hiring initiatives. Joanne Chan from LBS led a panel discussion on how Hong Kong is becoming a driving financial force in the Greater Bay Area region. One of our newest members, Martin Lucander from Aspekta in Sweden, shed some light on sustainability efforts in that region (and, yes, we talked about chocolate).


It’s the conversations that happen in between scheduled meetings and the rush to meet a deadline that give color to interpersonal relationships. That chat over dinner or the morning’s coffee before the agenda begins has great value – it’s when we relate to each other, human to human, not B2B.


I value our PRGN partners for their expertise, yes. But I also know them as people, thanks to time spent face to face. This valuable time instills trust, allows for sharing best practices, and sparks new ideas…each and every time.