Where the Media Magic Happens

By Ashley Boarman, Account Supervisor at LCI 

While the event may be over, your work has just begun…

Follow up is the key ingredient to completing a successful tradeshow event, and it’s where the media magic truly happens. Although the physical event may be behind you, diligent follow up will be what elevates your performance from silver to gold – turning booth appointments into news stories.

Here at LCI, we recently managed three major conferences for two of our clients: the Consumer Electronics Show (CES, Las Vegas), the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS, Orlando) and the Interior Design Show (IDS, Toronto). With these shows now complete, here’s our post-event formula for ensuring you finish in the winner’s circle.

  1. Secure a final attendee list from the conference host. This allows for easier interaction with registered media, with those who stopped by your booth and those who did not. Insider tip: Add all relevant media to media lists for future pitching.


  1. Don’t lose steam. Immediately following the event, email media who stopped by to better ensure your client stays top of mind. If he/she is already in the process of writing a story, determine what “extras” you can provide (i.e. imagery or video). And, if he/she hasn’t started writing a story, ask them what other types of information they’re seeking and how your client can help fill that need.


  1. Debrief your client. Show them what they’re paying you for! If you set up booth appointments in advance, how many journalists showed up? How many are planning to write a story and when will that coverage appear? Show your client that you’re still focused on the end goal of securing coverage by reporting on every booth appointment and media interaction that took place. Doing so will speak volumes about your PR prowess and will demonstrate your investment in their success.


  1. Seal the deal. When sending client coverage, be sure to attribute any news articles to meetings that you set up. This not only demonstrates your value to the client, but it also cements your reputation as a true PR pro. Insider tip: Send a hand-written ‘thank you’ to reporters who include your client in their articles. It’s a simple gesture that will not only be remembered, but it will keep the lines of communication open for future stories.

  1. Take a victory lap. If you’ve done the above, then it’s okay to finally take a breather. You deserve it!


What other tips can you add to this list? Leave a comment below or email me [email protected].

6 thoughts on “Where the Media Magic Happens

  1. Great tips Ashley – you’re certainly the expert when it comes to tradeshows!

  2. All great tips, Ashley. Tradeshows take a lot of time, and at times stressful, but the exposure the client gets always makes up for it!

  3. Ashley – great tips. I also like to “think outside the box.” How can you make the experience special for attending media? Maybe host a cocktail reception with a celebrity? Maybe have a fun “inter-active” activity in your client’s booth? And don’t forget the tried and true – walk the conference room floor and grab people to come and see your client. Cheers, David

  4. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for this post. Another tip that I follow is to compile a shortlist of lessons learned. Cross-reference this list as you ramp up for next year’s conference to see what improvements can be made.

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