The PRGN Instagram Takeover

Sarah MasonBy Sarah Mason

Last week, my colleague Ashley Boarman took over the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) Instagram account.

As an avid social networker herself, Ashley gained an insight that only could come from posting to a professional, worldwide account. She expected this project to be similar to managing her own Instagram account, but she found many more caveats when managing a global account.

Ashley learned that social media is something that can be incredibly engaging when done correctly, especially with the new features inspired from other social media networks. “Instagram has been adding different features to the platform for a couple years now, and will probably continue to do so,” she said, referring to Instagram Live, released December 2016 and the new ability to add multiple photos to a post, added February 2017.

As Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, continues to add features to its social media, it becomes a catch all app that attracts more and more users that will not only consume more media while they’re on the app, but spend more time on the app overall. This means more ads, more relevant content, and most importantly, more engagement.

The PRGN Takeover is an opportunity for agencies to highlight their everyday office life, and for the user to see the difference between agencies that are taking over the platform.

Visit Ashley’s personal Instagram, @ashleyjagoda, and feel free to leave her a comment on one of her pictures and let her know your experiences with Instagram, or social media in general.

You can also share your thoughts about social media with the LCI team by leaving a comment below, or emailing me, [email protected].

Below are our favorite posts from our PRGN takeover this week:

President David Landis shows off our client Positive Resource Center (PRC) on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday morning.


LCI was excited to host Nicole Lasorda from PRGN partner Buchanan PR in Philadelphia! She walked around San Francisco for the first time and enjoyed what the city had to offer.

During our staff meeting on Monday mornings, we talk about the upcoming week and the most pressing needs and priorities for our clients.


Ashley kicked off our takeover with a beautiful picture of San Francisco. A city famous for its thick fog, it cleared long enough for her to snap this picture!

6 thoughts on “The PRGN Instagram Takeover

  1. While I am always horrified by photos of me, I think this was a great takeover and not only showcased LCI but our beautiful city also! Kudos to Ashley!

  2. Sarah – Thank you for recapping our PRGN Takeover experience so nicely. I’ve enjoyed getting to see what content some of the other agencies have posted during their takeover weeks, especially what their office spaces look like. For so long I’ve heard about many of these partners and it’s nice to put faces to names.

  3. Fantastic job on the Instagram takeover! I always look forward to your timely and well-thought posts.

  4. Great job on the Instagram Takeover, Ashley! I now love following PRGN on Instagram and seeing what each agency has to offer.

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