Meet the Media: Elena Bragg

Our ‘Meet the Media’ series continues with Elena Bragg, art director at HAWAI’I Magazine, the state’s only national/international magazine.

What’s your top story for today?

Our top story for today is about the USS Arizona Memorial closing indefinitely due to structural issues. The memorial is such a popular travel destination for Oahu visitors so it’s pretty big news.

Tell us about your dream assignment.

I’d love to produce a video about an Oahu hike. The greatest video shoot I’ve worked on was the hike to Hanakapiai Falls (Napali Coast, Kauai). It’s hard to call it ‘work’ when you get to see the most amazing views on Kauai and swim under a waterfall. There’s a trail I’ve been wanting to do on Oahu called Wiliwilinui and I’d love to be able to work with videographers to document that experience for Hawaii Magazine.

Describe the wackiest story you’ve written.

The wackiest story I’ve worked on lately was a photo-heavy story about night diving off Maui’s west coast. It was a challenge finding a photographer with the right equipment (and know-how) to photograph underwater and in the dark. The photos were incredible! There are some pretty wacky-looking creatures.

What is your PR pet peeve?

The countless press releases we get for products or events that are irrelevant to Hawaii.

Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or are interested in?

A hot topic in the Hawaii travel industry are the social media-focused travelers. People are coming here to get the perfect shot to post. And Instagram is flooded with photos of the islands. It’s something I have to take into consideration when planning and executing photoshoots/video shoots. I’m always asking: how will this story translate from print to Instagram and are we promoting an authentic and safe version of Hawaii?

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve been in Hawaii for over a year and a half by way of Chicago. I consider myself an intermediate hiker, a (very) beginner surfer, and a decent bowler.

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Media: Elena Bragg

  1. Elena, thanks so much for contributing to our humble blog. Hawaii is one of my favorite destinations. I’ve been going there since 1960 (I was an infant!) and probably have spent 20 Thanksgivings on the island of Kauai. I love the Hanakapiai Falls, too. We’re headed back to Honolulu and Kauai this December – I can’t wait. PS, the mai tai (Trader Vic’s original 1944 recipe) is my favorite drink. Again, many thanks. Cheers, David

  2. Elena – what a delight to live and work in such a beautiful location like Hawaii. I hiked part of the Hanakapiai Falls trail while in Kauai, but had to turn back due to slippery conditions. It’s on my bucket list to do the whole thing on day! As a fellow Instagrammer, I’m also looking for the perfect shot when I travel to new places, so it’s interesting to hear you talk about how that impacts the stories you cover and showing a safe side of Hawaii. I was fortunate enough to travel to Oahu for work a few months back and looked into the “Three Peaks” hike but decided against it because it looked too dangerous. I can see how promoting a safe version of the island is crucial. There are so many daredevils out there these days who are chasing the perfect “grammable” moment. Looking forward to following more of your stories!

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