IT in the Workplace – Three Tips for Efficiency

Hi, it’s Alex Eliopoulos, Office Manager at LCI, speaking to you today.

Computers and IT – an intrinsic part of today’s workplace (and it’s been that way for a while). Most of us are well-accustomed to Microsoft Office’s stranglehold on our everyday work space. Well, “stranglehold” might sound a little extreme…but then again, I’ve encountered many folks throughout the years who would probably not feel that way.

In the interest of saving just a little bit of frustration and work-related stress, I wanted to offer three quick & easy tips in the realm of daily computer use:

1) Don’t upgrade to Microsoft Vista…not at home, not in the workplace, NOT YET!! Microsoft is still having its customers essentially pay money to beta test their new operating system and iron out the kinks. Only masochists need apply.

2) Save often and save accessibly – if your workplace has a backed-up network drive or shared drive, save documents here. They’ll be backed up that way. (Saving on your PC hard drive doesn’t have this same benefit.)

3) MS Word version compatibility – there have been issues surfacing with the formats “.doc” and “.docx”. Not everyone has Word 2007, so up-to-date users should follow these steps to ensure minimized headaches for users of Word 2003 (or earlier versions):

a. In Word 2007, click the Office button (the big round button at the top left of the Window) and then click Word Options.
b. In the Word Options dialog box, choose the Save category from the list on the left.
c. Use the Save files in this format drop-down menu to choose the format you want Word 2007 to use by default. I use Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc).
d. Click OK.

Five “Buzzworthy” Bay Area Events worth checking out this summer:

Treasure Island Festival – This is the second annual festival on Treasure Island; a rather unique idea that took off. Live music paired with a fantastic view of San Francisco.
Outside Lands Music Festival – A first this year, with a distinct “green” slant to it. Some doozies on the bill (i.e. Jack Johnson) but the almighty Radiohead are headlining it.
Dolores Park Movie Nights – A San Francisco staple: movies projected on a screen in beautiful Dolores Park on a monthly basis (2nd Thursday of each month), plus live music. And it’s free (but donations are welcome).
The Warfield is Back – After being shut down for a good stretch, the Warfield (a premier venue for bigger shows here in the city) is back for business. It’s great that they feature stand-up comedy shows as well.
SF MoMA’s Frida Kahlo Exhibit – The exhibit is running through the summer for this unique, colorful and captivating artist. Definitely recommended.

Be sure to let me know what you think: you can leave a comment here or email me at: alex’ Happy Summer!

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