Introducing Pete Mancilla

LCI welcomes Pete Mancilla, who joins the team this month as a PR intern. In this week’s LCInsights blog, Pete shares his take on the industry and what he’s looking forward to learning the most during his internship.

Why did you decide to study PR?
PR is an industry that will keep me on my toes. Before switching my major to communication studies, I studied journalism. After two semesters, I realized it wasn’t what I was looking for in a potential career, even though I enjoyed the field.

What is it about public relations that excites you?
PR can both inform and influence people, and contribute to their understanding of a particular issue. When done well, PR can bring about behavioral change and even help shift the public mindset.

What’s been your favorite aspect of PR to study?
I strategically saved my PR classes for my last semester in order to fully immerse myself in the field. I love how fast paced the industry moves…and I actually enjoy using AP style.

What’s been your biggest PR “win”?
One of my most recent meaningful accomplishments was earning a good grade on a complex press release. I’m eager to earn some more significant “wins” during my internship with LCI!

What’s your “must visit” spot in San Francisco?
Ocean Beach is my happy place. It’s not the most attractive, but there’s something special about it that keeps me coming back.

What’s your favorite food?
I’m currently seeking out Japanese foods, but I don’t claim a favorite dish because I enjoy changing it up so often. Being a vegetarian (some would say pescatarian because I like “cheating” with fish), I like to experiment with meat-free alternatives whenever possible.

Can you share any insights to your life outside work?
I like to stay on my feet. I’ve become quite the movie buff since my boyfriend loves going to the theater. Museums are always fun and I enjoy taking my dog, Remy, on walks in Oakland. Freewriting in my journal also keeps me happily distracted when I’m not doing schoolwork. It can be challenging to fit fun things into my busy schedule, but I look forward to taking on many extracurriculars once I move to New York, following my graduation from USF this spring. I’m also eager to read more novels that aren’t apart of my coursework, and I want to continue learning French.

Want to more about Pete? Comment below or Tweet him at @petemancilla.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Pete Mancilla

  1. Pete, welcome to LCI! Since you’re into Japanese food, you should have a discussion with Sean: he lived in Tokyo (and studied there, in college) for a year! Cheers, David

  2. Great to have you with us, Pete. I hope that your time with us helps to develop your PR career outside the classroom.

  3. So happy you chose LCI to kick off your professional PR career! We look forward to teaching you what we know, while also learning about the future of the industry from your perspective. Welcome!

  4. Hi pete loved reading about you and wish you the best of luck on your professional endeavors. I love Japanese food too just CA rolls and tempura lol

  5. That’s quite a range of interests, Pete, which will serve you well in PR (and life). You never know what the next client will need or want, so it’s great to have many different sources of inspiration. That’s what’s kept me interested in PR all these years – no two days are ever alike! We’re so glad to have you on board!

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