How to Identify the Right Media Outlet for your Story

By David Cumpston, Director

Pitching the correct media with your story is critical to the success or failure of a campaign. With so many types of media to choose from – newspapers, television, radio, social media and more – it can be tricky to identify which medium is best to pitch. With some research and strategic thinking you can make a solid plan of action.

Watch below for my overview of the main media categories for your consideration:

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3 thoughts on “How to Identify the Right Media Outlet for your Story

  1. It is always prudent to start with the desired audience when thinking about the best media to pitch. You don’t want your message to fall on deaf ears or be seen by an audience who isn’t interested in your client’s point of view. I’m a fan of podcasts because these listeners are actively engaged in the content and likely to heed the call to action.

  2. Great tips, David! Always best to start a campaign with a target audience in mind.

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