Amplify Your PR Wins

Note: This is a reposted blog by our Public Relations Global Network Partner, Amanda Hill – Three Box Strategic Communications. For the original blog, please visit here.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Your audience’s attention is more fragmented than ever. We used to target seven touchpoints to reach the customer – now, it takes eight or nine. How do today’s PR teams keep up? Savvy PR leaders have learned to amplify their PR wins to get the biggest impact.

Amplification is incredibly efficient. It’s taking a PR win that you’ve already secured and repackaging it to reach your audience when and where they want it. If they’re especially engaged, they’ll consume your brand message across multiple channels, reinforcing their recall and retention.

Think about how you can make the most of a PR win. Sometimes all it takes is adding one task to your team’s workflow. If you land a brand mention in a news article, share it from the outlet to your brand’s social media with a sentence or two of bonus context. Or, if your CEO headlines an industry conference, ask for the recording and embed it in an email marketing campaign. The opportunities for amplification are endless.

Sometimes the biggest hurdle is taking the time to stop, mid-process, and identify where and how a win can be reimagined. Remember, any amount of amplification is progress. Start with one or two easy channels and see how it impacts your overall results. In time, amplifying your PR wins will become a natural part of your workflow – and your brand will benefit from the extra boost.

On this week’s episode of PRGN Presents podcast, we’ll share tips for how to effectively amplify your PR wins.

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