3 Public Relations Trends to Watch

By Sarah Mason, Account Coordinator & Office Manager

While many trends from 2017 will continue to grow and develop in 2018, such as the increasing presence of videos in ads and PR becoming more data-driven, new trends will subtly emerge.

1.  Reputation as the most valuable asset

LCI’s blog last week focused on 2017’s biggest PR crises. There were so many crises in 2017 it was difficult to pick out which ones to focus on for the blog. As seen in today’s news cycle, crises crop up often and can spiral out of the brand’s control. It is important to have a game plan for what to do if a crisis were to happen, or hire a PR firm if there is a concern for negative press. A brand must build up its reputation since that is what the public will pay most attention to and what will be remembered post-crisis.

2.  Breaking news – in shorter bursts

In today’s short attention span world, everyone wants to know everything about breaking news… but then quickly move on to the next big thing. The challenge for PR pros is two-fold: making client news newsworthy while also making it memorable.

3.  The expanding soapbox

Beyond a brand’s ability to speak directly to consumers via social media, content generation will move from those channels increasingly to 3rd party pass-alongs.

For instance, a great interaction (or a negative one) with an Amazon customer service rep goes viral via social media – and then ends up as the inspiration for a Saturday Night Live skit.


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3 thoughts on “3 Public Relations Trends to Watch

  1. Thanks for your post, Sarah. Building on your comment about PR being data driven…for companies looking to hire or retain a PR agency it’s going to be all about metrics. Both qualitative and quantitative metrics are important for how clients are going to measure the success of an agency. If you don’t have the tools and programs in place to measure your work, you’re already behind. So glad we have our PRomised Results® program here at LCI!

  2. Great blog, Sarah. I would add the addition of AI as it helps consumers in the buying process; as it helps business to business communications; and as marketing communications professionals harness the power of AI for their clients.

  3. I’ve read many articles about trends for the coming year (as I do every December) and I’ve found that trends build on each other, especially in PR. PR pros can go with the flow or they can create their own path on behalf of their clients; as Peter Drucker famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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