Top Trade Websites for PR Professionals in 2024

The PR industry moves at lightning speed and it’s important to keep up on trends, tactics and best practices to provide the best client service. Here’s a look at a few go-to sites for those working in Public Relations:

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  • O’Dwyer’s is the grande dame of PR trade sites. Started as a newsletter in 1968, it’s grown to include news of agency life, open RFP’s and compiles its annual (and closely watched) PR firm rankings list.
  • PR Daily is a quick read and contains hints for improving your work as a professional practitioner.
  • PR News covers many of the same topics as PR Daily but with a longer and more comprehensive format.
  • Bulldog Reporter is the go-to source for trends and data compilations on campaigns and outreach. It also hosts the yearly Bulldog Awards and tracks the comings and goings of reporters. Bulldog Reporter is now part of Agility PR.
  • PR Week has region-specific sites for the US, UK, Asia and the Middle East. Their newsletters break down client wins/losses and tracks the weekly PR zeitgeist. PR Week mostly covers the big multi-national agencies, but they’ve done a good job recently including the independents.
  • PRSA’s Strategies & Tactics blog is a great source of information for the strategic and tactical aspects of the profession. You can find tips on everything from time management to client relations here.

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  1. I like New York Times’ Business section coverage – they expand the media definition and it’s important to keep up on the industry itself.

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