Newsjacking is an Effective Tool in your PR Toolkit

By Robin Carr

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Breaking news can dominate the airwaves and your news feed in the blink of an eye. It’s sometimes a great opportunity for companies/brands to draw traffic and engagement. Here’s one example; when Bruce Willis’ aphasia diagnosis was announced, the Landis team offered up experts on the disorder from client Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) to local media. The CNS doctors offered expert commentary on causes, symptoms, and treatment to everyone from the Los Angeles Times to news broadcasts across the country.

How can you newsjack to support your strategic communications program? Here are 5 tips:

  1. Make sure that you offer legitimate expertise or commentary on the news. If you don’t have the bona fides to weigh in…don’t.
  2. Move quickly. Newsjacking is an opportunity that you have to jump on. A day late is…too late.
  3. Prepare your subject matter experts (SMEs). Have they been media trained? Make sure they’re available and have three good key messages to communicate.
  4. Do you have data to support the subject? Share it in an easily digestible form, such as graphs, bullet points or photos.
  5. Be available for a few days. Once your expert is out there, other media properties may come calling…having your SMEs on call will make sure that you take advantage – if the right media hits that come your way.

Visit our Centre for Neuro Skills case study or view how we newsjacked a royal birth on behalf of client Sutter Health to learn more.