Tech Public Relations

Case Studies

Innovation is what keeps our world moving forward. At Landis Communications Inc. (LCI), we recognize the importance of marketing and promoting new and innovative technologies, both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). Based in San Francisco/Silicon Valley (the nexus of tech innovation), LCI’s team (headed by 30-year tech PR veteran Heidi Groshelle) works with clients in all areas of the technology sector, including consumer tech, consumer electronics, cloud computing, cyber security, enterprise applications, biotech, energy, B2B tech, the sharing economy, B2B storage, the Internet of Things, startups and more that are constantly disrupting the status quo in business.

A key differentiator is LCI’s proprietary Promised Results program, which provides clients with tangible ROI metrics. As a full service marketing/communications agency, LCI helps forward-thinking technology organizations achieve stated business goals. From assisting with marketing/communications of new products and services to supporting social media strategies to enhancing digital marketing efforts and to counseling businesses regarding rebranding, LCI’s skilled team of communication and public relations professionals is an invaluable asset to businesses in the technology sector.

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