Reputation Management / Crisis

Case Studies

Brand reputation refers to how a particular brand (whether an individual or a company) is viewed by others. A favorable brand reputation means consumers trust your company and feel good about purchasing your goods or services. Protecting that brand’s reputation (or “reputation management”) requires care, forethought and strategic counsel. LCI’s experienced communications counselors have decades of experience managing brand reputation for such companies as Tiffany & Company, Walmart,, Old Navy, MetLife, California Bank & Trust, UCSF and more.

One hopes one never has to deal with a crisis in business – but the fact is the time to prepare is before a crisis hits. Companies need to have a proper crisis communications plan in place with a roadmap for how to manage through various scenarios and with what messages and which trained spokespeople. LCI has worked with numerous companies to successfully manage through the inevitable challenges and regain positive brand awareness. In addition, we also help companies with real-time social media crisis training. Some of LCI’s reputation management work follows.