Lifestyle PR

Case Studies

What is “lifestyle”? The dictionary defines it as: “the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards and economic level that constitute a mode of living of an individual or group.” At Landis PR, the LCI team likes to think of it as “how we live.”  That includes the kinds of furnishings, experiences and consumer products with which we surround ourselves.

So, how does a lifestyle PR / marketing / digital firm like LCI succeed? First, we ourselves care about lifestyle and live life fully. The next step? We need to learn about each individual lifestyle business and its differentiators. We begin by positioning and articulating the proper messaging about the business; then, we research and analyze what motivates your consumer base in order to better understand them; and finally, we connect the brand with the right influencers and media (social, digital and traditional).  Landis PR (LCI) has represented such prominent lifestyle brands as: Tiffany & Co., Pottery Barn, high end home furnishings firm Native Trails, Benjamin Moore, the San Francisco Design Center, Emirates Airline, Fairmont Hotels, Simon Pearce and more. Take a look at some of our lifestyle PR work below: