Healthcare Public Relations

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Healthcare public relations (Healthcare PR) spans a variety of sectors, involves unique challenges and requires the use of unique communication strategies. From hospitals and healthcare providers and doctors, to biotech, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, clinical trials, biopharma, insurance providers, medical devices and medical technology, the healthcare industry is broad-based and constantly evolving. A successful healthcare PR agency must be capable of keeping up with this fast-paced evolution. Successful healthcare PR firms must understand the issues and current trends impacting all sectors of the healthcare industry.

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Ragan’s Ace Awards named Landis the #1 healthcare PR agency in America (see below). The team at Landis Communications Inc. includes a number of seasoned industry professionals who specialize in healthcare public relations and understand the industry as well as its challenges and opportunities. Our experienced team provides healthcare PR counsel related specifically to a broad variety of clients in the healthcare industry. Our healthcare clients include such brands as UCSF, Sutter Health, Centre for Neuro Skills, Frontier Medicines (biopharma), the Brain Health Registry, the Global Alzheimer’s Platform, Johnson & Johnson, Oska Wellness, Stanford Children’s Hospital, Altais and more. To discuss your healthcare public relations needs, please contact LCI’s Brianne Miller at: [email protected] or call her at: 650-575-7727.

Ragan’s Ace Awards names Landis the #1 Healthcare PR Agency in America