Case Studies

Promoting cultural institutions and entertainment organizations has been a specialty of LCI since its inception. From NBC Universal Entertainment to the California Academy of Sciences and the San Francisco Symphony, LCI understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by such institutions. We’ve opened Davies Symphony Hall, the new Asian Art Museum and the new California Academy of Sciences facility. Plus, several staff members are artists and musicians ourselves! We help position, differentiate, message, launch and then promote those businesses in a way that makes their story resonate with that specialized audience. And, (since many of us have worked in the media as well), we know how to identify a good story and we’ve won numerous awards in this space. Defining the “why” is key to creating the messages that will resonate with a company’s stakeholders and LCI’s unique process helps companies understand their message – so they can better tell their own story. As an integrated marketing communications agency, LCI knows that being trained and delivering the right message – with the right story, to the right audience – spells success.