Automotive Public Relations

Case Studies

With self driving cars now on the horizon, a study by Booz & Company found that automakers are spending more than $102 billion annually on R&D.

All the major auto companies are operating tech and innovation centers in San Francisco and Silicon Valley – as well as manufacturing and innovation operations in Motown.  But the tech and auto media landscapes are still autonomous…so how do you speak with them?

Easy: talk to them with agencies in their own backyard that speak their own language – whether that language is tech, auto, traditional media, digital or social.

LCI, a top San Francisco/Silicon Valley-based communications agency, and our award-winning Detroit-based affiliate Bianchi Public Relations, have joined forces to help you speak to each audience with no language barrier.

Want to know more? Our experience with the new auto-tech industry can help your business succeed.  Email LCI’s Brianne Miller.