By Brianne Miller

B2B tech PR campaigns are special – no really! Full of acronyms and information that changes at the speed of bytes, the tech world commands a special amount of care and preparation before any outbound PR campaign. Here are a few tips:

PR Campaign
Photo courtesy of Pixabay
  1. Don’t waste the media’s time – have NEWS. Just because you think that minor change to your product is news, doesn’t mean it is. Use trusted outside counsel to be a reality check. If you go to the media with every little tweak, they won’t pay attention when you have something important to say.
  2. Drop the jargon. While it’s OK to SaaS and CLV and MQL in-house, it’s always best to err on the side of simple and clear with outbound communications. Remember to define your terms upfront (SaaS or Software as a Service) before falling on your caps lock key.
  3. Be the resource. With markets and products so in flux, you’re a reporter’s best friend if you provide solid perspective and facts. Don’t be afraid to talk about the larger market and its movement in addition to your company’s position within it.
  4. Competition doesn’t have to be less than polite. Don’t ever bad-mouth the competition. Take the high road. Remember that you’re representing your entire company when you speak with the media – not just your own individual opinion.
  5. Talk about results, not just features. It’s not what your product/service does that might be most interesting, but what that means to the target audience using it. Keep your messaging clear, concise and inclusive of the advantages to users.

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