It Pays to Be Polite

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

By Makenzi Jordan Rodriguez

I’m sure we can all conjure up a memory of a specific workplace interaction defined by impolite or unpleasant behavior. Our first instinct might be to get defensive or snap back, but it’s better to take a moment and consider next steps. Most often, these experiences affect workplace relationships longer than the immediate period.

Here are some tips for creating a polite work environment:

1. Lead by example.

Set the tone for your workplace culture. Demonstrate kindness and respect.

2. Teamwork.

Encourage and foster collaboration where you and your colleagues can share ideas while supporting each other.

3. Address conflicts.

Conflicts and disagreements are inevitable, but respectful and polite behavior can facilitate conflict resolution.

4. Show appreciation.

Acknowledging and appreciating your colleagues fosters a positive atmosphere and encourages others to do the same.

5. Promote work-life balance.

Discourage overworking and encourage breaks. After all, we tend to think more clearly when we’ve had time to step away.

6. Embrace inclusivity and diversity.

Everyone should feel valued and respected in one’s workplace.

7. Don’t ignore “inappropriate” behavior.

Accepting inappropriate behavior creates an unhealthy and unsafe work environment.  

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