Landis 32 Anniversary – How I Donated my $320: Part 3

By Staff

RECAP: We recently announced that San Francisco Business Times included Landis in its Top 100 businesses in the Bay Area Corporate Philanthropy list.

In 2020, we celebrated Landis’s 30th anniversary by donating $300 to nonprofits that are part of our team’s communities and support causes close to their hearts. In 2022, we’re upping the donations to $320.

Below is part three of our list of nonprofits our team and we are proud to support:

Diana G. Haven – Operations Director

I’ve been a supporter of World Central Kitchen from nearly its start and am grateful to Landis for contributing to this incredible organization. In a world increasingly challenged by climate disasters, wars, refugee crises, and a global pandemic, what WCK accomplishes daily seems almost miraculous. Originally founded by renowned Chef José Andrés in 2010 after a huge earthquake devastated Haiti, WCK is now first on the ground after a disaster, not only feeding communities with nourishing and delicious food but putting local chefs to work and training future chefs through its Food Producer Network.

The organization’s Climate Disaster Fund is a $1 billion commitment over the next decade to support communities impacted by the climate crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, WCK launched its Restaurant for the People program, which paid more than 2,500 restaurants in 400 US cities much-needed revenue to cook fresh meals for their neighbors in need.

I know many restaurants that survived the pandemic thanks to this program. Resilient food systems are at the core of humanity’s survival, and WCK is on the front lines. Chef Andrés is an inspiration and my personal hero for what he’s accomplished, and he deserves the world’s appreciation and support.

Liza Batallones – Director

Over the years, I’ve been involved with several worthwhile causes ranging from social justice to reproductive rights. So, I struggled with which nonprofit to support with my Landis 320 donation. I’ve decided to highlight Samaritan House, which I’ve supported for many years as a volunteer, donor and PR consultant.

Samaritan House is a nonprofit that helps low-income residents in San Mateo County, one of the most affluent regions in the country. They run free medical clinics in Redwood City and San Mateo, several shelters up and down the Peninsula, food pantries – even a children’s clothing and grocery store where families can “shop” with dignity. During the pandemic, when so many lost work – Samaritan House provided help with rent, and they still do. Samaritan House has also received high rankings on Charity Navigator, Great Nonprofits and Guidestar. Life can change in an instant, and it could be any one of us that finds ourselves in a difficult situation. For that reason, I chose to donate my Landis 320 to Samaritan House. Giving back to the community brings me immense joy, and I’m grateful to Landis for the opportunity to do just that! Thank you, Landis Communications!

Robin with NBM volunteers.
Robin with NBN volunteers.

Robin Carr – Senior Counselor

According to new data from the American Housing Survey, San Franciscans are more likely to be thinking about skipping town in the next year than residents of any other major metropolitan area.

Another survey, conducted once every two years by the U.S. Census Bureau, shows that about 18 percent of residents in the San Francisco metropolitan area plan on moving from their homes in the next year.

We’ve all seen stories on various broadcast networks and social media: San Francisco needs work.

But I can tell you firsthand that North Beach is thriving. That’s where I live.

This San Francisco Chronicle story recently wrote about how “the historic San Francisco neighborhood is in the middle of a revival, with a steady influx of restaurant openings as one of the strongest signs of life. Pedestrian traffic has returned, tourists have come back, and business is up.”

During the pandemic, North Beach stayed as vibrant as possible. Local eateries were open for takeout, and later built dozens of festive outdoor parklets. Neighbors were connecting and there was a communal vibe.

This is why I chose to donate my $320 to North Beach Neighbors (NBN), a San Francisco nonprofit organization that provides a forum for more than 300 North Beach residents, local businesses, and civic leaders to discuss local neighborhood concerns such as land use, development, and parks and recreation. Their overall mission: to preserve the local charm, small business character, and open space in North Beach.

Some of the NBN activities include:

Robin with NBN volunteers.
NBN volunteers at a local event.
  • Collaborating with the local police department to reduce crime.
  • Partnering with Parks & Rec to improve open spaces in our community, such as Washington Square Park and Joe DiMaggio playground – a two-acre park with a children’s play area, tennis courts, bocce courts, pool building, and sports courts.
  • Creating friendship and good times: Saturday Farmers Market, Senior Living Assistance, Neighborhood Nights at the Symphony, and many other community activities.

With “North Beach Delivers,” during the pandemic, NBN launched a restaurant relief program that raised more than $200,000 for neighborhood restaurants. It was all made possible by NBN volunteers who showed up each week to deliver meals from restaurants without any delivery fees. People really stepped up to keep North Beach’s small businesses open and neighbors fed during this challenging time. Plus, residents were able to enjoy their favorite restaurant fare at home.

Of course, there’s more to be done. NBN is responding to the rise in vacant storefronts by advocating for new grocery stores, specialty food stores, and food halls throughout North Beach.

But I witnessed tourists from all over the world return this summer to enjoy this amazing Italian-heritage neighborhood, the checked-tablecloth trattorias, cafes, retro-flavored bars, the spirit of the Beat Generation at the storied City Lights bookstore, and a scenic hike to Coit Tower with murals and panoramic views.

San Franciscans may be moving out, but I fell back in love with my North Beach neighborhood. I am not leaving. In fact, I’m digging in.

We’re extremely proud and fortunate to not only work for clients that create communities but to be able to contribute to great causes when we clock out at the end of the day.