How Preparing for New Business Is Just Like Going Back to School

Note: This is a reposted blog by our Public Relations Global Network Partner, Abbie Fink – HMA Public Relations. For the original blog, please visit here.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

I am working from my sister’s house this week. Not only am I enjoying her amazing cooking and considerably cooler temperatures, but I am also witnessing what she does to get herself ready to go back to school.

As we were out walking the dogs this morning, I mentioned that it was my turn to write a blog post and I had no idea what to write.  She casually mentions that she has seen me prepare proposals and get ready for new business presentations “just like I get prepared for going back to school.”

And blammo (one of her favorite words!), I have my idea for a blog post.

No matter what the profession, a certain amount of prep work is required. For my sister, who is a physical education teacher, it is picking out her new school shoes and buying a day planner, reviewing lesson plans and getting her attendance sheets in order.

For PR practitioners getting ready for a new business presentation, it is researching the prospective client to learn more about their business, brainstorming ideas and strategies to share, practicing the presentation with the team and even deciding what to wear.

So, whether you are getting yourself ready to face a new crop of 6th graders starting their first day in middle school or getting ready to make a new business presentation, don’t skip the prep work. The extra time spent getting ready will make a difference.