What are the Best Social Listening Tools?

By Lauren Feldis, LCI Intern

Whatever products or services you offer, it’s important to understand what your customers think of your brand. Increasingly, many marketers are looking to social media as a valuable tool to gain this insight. Through social listening, companies can monitor all relevant platforms for mentions of their brand,  competing brands, industry discussions and customer feedback.

Here are five of the best social listening tools that can help inform a company’s social media strategy:

As one of the most affordable social listening tools for companies on a tight budget, Awario tracks both positive and negative mentions, in addition to competitor mentions. It’s also useful for monitoring backlinks, letting users turn “linkless” brand mentions into links. Awario also offers a tool called Leads that identifies customers asking for product recommendations or those seeking alternatives to your competitors.

Keyhole specifically monitors Twitter and Instagram, tracking hashtags and usernames along with general brand mentions. Its analysis tools are particularly useful in tracking customer demographics on a global scale, so you can better understand different ways that people engage with your brand around the world.

Sprout Social
Sprout Social is most effective for those wanting to improve customer interaction over social media. It monitors brand-specific key words and direct messages, thus providing direct and immediate customer service. Sprout Social is also good for analyzing brands’ Twitter accounts to aid in improving Twitter-based social media strategies.

Brandwatch, which offers tools for analyzing all social media platforms, features image recognition which tracks uses of brand logos and visual content, as well as brand mentions. It also provides detailed demographic data about various audiences including gender, location, interests and occupation. Brandwatch monitors both news sites and blogs, so you can more easily follow trending topics related to a particular industry.

Talk Walker
Along with monitoring social media platforms, Talk Walker provides access to more than 150 million websites to extract data from across the Internet. It tracks all brand and competitor mentions, keywords, industry discussions and images on a global scale.

Do you use social listening tools? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments box below.

8 thoughts on “What are the Best Social Listening Tools?

  1. It’s amazing how much pertinent data we can get via social listening. Thanks for the round-up!

  2. Sprout Social has always been my go-to, although Awario can indeed provide the basics for smaller companies.

  3. Thanks, Lauren – a great list of social media listening tools. As a PR professional, it’s our job to make sure our clients know what the public is saying about our clients. Cheers, David

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